It's been 21 DAYS!

Gaijin I beg you! please!! I just want my F-15C dev blog!!
Is it that much to ask for?
I just want to know if we will get them pods or not!


I don’t think there will be a devblog at this point friendo


I thought about that too but man i would love to see the Eagle complete

Curious question, but why do you need a dev blog?

The F-15 misses the Bol pods. I just wanted to know if it is not finished or it won’t get them

It’s 2 week since update drop. They will not add this any time. Maybe next major update

meh. Anyways the F-15C is pretty solid in this meta

Ngl I’m betting the main reason the F-15C isn’t getting BOL pods yet is probably because having infinite chaff might be a little bit unfair right now

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