It's a guaranteed bad game if you play defensively ONCE at 13.0

If you get a RWR signal showing that you’re being focused on, the options seem dire. You either full send and risk the trade or be reasonable and notch.
If you choose the latter, by the time you have some breathing air the match is already decided, your team either stomped or melted completely.

Lawnmowing meta was better than this, gameplay wise, I don’t care what the realism nerds say, WT is a GAME above everything else.

“Lawn mowing meta was better” and it’s just a dice roll on who will survive the first contact and the subsequent furball

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Im not going to say anything about the current meta just yet, its been a day. It hasnt had time to develop properly yet.

But the lawnmowing meta was absolute hot garbage. Im glad its gone.

Im so happy that Sparrows work again, I actually took my EJ Kai out for the first time in probably a year since the lawnmowing meta made it worthless, and its good again!

You can actually have some variety in gameplay now.