Italy is again being the only nation that doesn't get anything new. :/ Why not the Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen C?

Hungarian newspaper, stating about Hungary getting the JAS 39 Gripen C Export variant. As Italy doesn’t have any competitive air superiority fighters at top tier Gripen would be a good solution. The model is already in game, all devs need to do is add a livery. Why that hate towards italy to get it’s tanks on brs they don’t belong to and keep the Air tech tree a joke? With the addition of Hungarian sub-tree, Italy has become quite popular among players who would love to get another F-104TAF and grind out a Gripen.


What do you mean? Clearly a 2nd gen F-104S ASA is on par with the Gripen and deserves to face in in the matchmaker. /s

Germany isnt getting any aircraft either except for a premium copy of the Marineflieger Tornado IDS without Kormorans

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You lot can sod off unless the C also goes to Sweden. Italy needs something, but not the C unless the Swedes get it too.

You already have a 12.3 that’s very good?

Yeah, after getting a Mig-29G. Germany suffers I guess.

No, Italy has no planes above 12.0

I was talking about Germany. Was responding to the other guy.

Fair, didn’t notice that.

It isn’t a top tier jet, but welcome it.

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Yeah the AMX and the Centauro II were found in leaks. We’ll see how far they get when they drop the update

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AMx is a tiny Tornado with no ability to supersonic, but would be an interesting cas lower than Super AV8 plus

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Appreciate gaijin’s effort to make a plane that is shared among multiple tech trees and give it to everyone who had this plane at once… right? (Gripen lol)

Considering that at 11.3 Italy you can pick the Tornado or uptier it to 11.7 where it would play anyway and take the AV8B+, AMX is basically useless to the gameplay.
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However, it is a well-wished for jet. It will struggle tho

Its hidden behind the TAF so id assume its basically copies stats alongside with the BR. If anything the super etendard proves that gaijin can decide to apply a reduced loadout on certain planes to maintain a lineup. If possible the AMX could be 10.3 cuz its practically a not so stupid looking TRAM.

Oh yeah the AMX would certainly help the issue of Italy not having any competitive 12.3s, surely I can use that against Su-27s and F-15s

11.0 it would also never see any of the new 12.3s, 10.7 would be better but could be worse