Italy ground rank IV and V terribble because of planes

I don’t know how other people think, but from my experience of playing Italian Ground Forces, planes are op against tanks because they can kill half my setup with only machine guns. It seems unfair, none o these tanks have at least .50 cals, so they can’t fight back. I don’t really know how this can be balanced without changing for example plane spawn points (It’s absurd how 1 cap can spawn you a plane with bombs). Gaijin please. I think CAS is needed sometimes but players in them don’t focus on important enemy tanks but on easy to kill on mass tanks that don’t even perform good, and for me, it just makes me want to quit playing this game.


Try to spawn most vulnerable to planes vehicles first and use CAS yourself (Italy lacks in that area currently in game, but smth like Re.2005 and SM.92 is still worth to use).


I agree.

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If there would be good anti airs, there is the R3 T20, and the Sidam 25, but the Sidam is rank V and I don’t have it researcht. Most of the time when there are a lot of planes I use the M26A1, but I got killed with plane machine guns in it, so yea. Not many great choices.

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If you aren’t enjoying playing tanks for some reason, try doing something else. MANY players will admit there are problems with GFRB, though many will also argue against changing it, as things are. By continuing to play when you’re not having fun, you’re supporting the broken parts of the game.

Lots of players are having fun with the status quo. If you don’t like something, you can complain, but they’ll just outnumber you and shout you down. About the only thing you can really do is to play something else and look for fun elsewhere.

The only real counter to aircraft is aircraft, though. Sounds like you need to learn to fly and dogfight, if you want to get your Italians spaded.


Yes I agree, and I’m not forcing myself to play, and I’m not that bad with planes too. I know how to bomb without the indicator and how to dogfight, I’m not great with it but good enough. But I just don’t enjoy plane battles and using planes in any way, I prefer tanks. So this means that my plane tech tree is not research to the rank I need.

if you wanna play only tanks i suggest playing US.
US is main CAS spamming nation and you have a 50 cal on pretty much any tank.

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You just whine a little. Try to find new strategic, personally I am using SM.92 against everything, but when i finally researched g91 pre, i started playing on it whole time, cos its cool and i got talisman on that one

But i still think that Marcolin’s C.R. 42 is the best against airplanes till V rank of airplanes of other nations. It sounds wierd but its true…

I mean, I would play US if I would find it interesting, and from this post you can probably tell that the main nations aren’t interesting for me. I don’t want to really change the nation to grind, I only want to address this problem.

Lowkey tanks shouldn’t get magically operated .50s, it’s a massive performance advantage that is never talked about, but the utility the US gets from having .50s on everything, from AA, spotting, marking, fighting open topped vehicles, light armored vehicles with zero drawbacks is stupid in my opinion.

The only vehicle that does it right is the M18, and it becomes immediately apparent how different that experience is when there’s a trade off for having a crew member operate the MG.

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