Italy at 6.7. Truly Painful. Game collapses after 6BR

I just played Italy at 6.7 for the first time and the only tank available the truly awful M26A1. I have a full selection of vehicles all unmodded including the fast light stuff which unspaded is anything but fast and no CAS anywhere near 6.7 and no premium on offer.

At 6.7 /7.7 I am in an old tank so slow among fast light vehicles that the game was literally over before I saw an enemy vehicle. I am doing literally 3 mph up hill in this thing. Only shot I got was to watch my APHE bounce of the side turret of a T44 from 20 feet away then it took me out with one round. That was a ODL for sure.

I love Italy at 3-5 BR but what a nightmare making the jump to 6.7 even at 50% off in the sale. Every vehicle in its bare unmodded form and all just cannon fodder. My old line up stops at 5BR, My CAS at 4.0

It’s bleak to put it politely. It is a misery only equaled by Israel. Which leads me to think that the whole Warthunder experience dies after 6BR. Tried 3 nations after 6BR and they all sucked balls big time.

I really don’t have it in me to keep going. The enjoyment factor is zero.

What are people doing? Do you all just by pass this era and hope for better later or am I missing something here? It really is a mess of eras and no CAS to help ease the pain. Terrible game after terrible game.

It has turned me into the Grinch this Christmas. Bah Humbug!!


You are really close to the BR range I personally really despise.
Area around 7.0 - 8.0 is really compressed at the moment, meaning you’ll get either amazing games or godawful ones, at least from my experience.

You are talking about M26A1, that vehicle is at 6.7 with a pretty meh round to say the least, so I can understand your frustration with that.
Try pushing through it, after 8.0 Italy gets pretty decent tanks in OF-40s, Leopards and T-72.


You should stop playing Italy, not worth it. If you still want to play it, then I would recommend to stay at low br’s ( 6-)

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Currently I am in agreement. I enjoy it so much at 5BR and under. Terrible at 6.7 .

I am glad the sale was on and I only wasted a Million SL.

The game in general falls apart above that, not just for Italy. Mainly because CAS just becomes more and more stupidly, cartoonishly oppressive, though. (Maybe Italy doesn’t have any good CAS, but someone certainly does, because it blows you up randomly CONSTANTLY more and more the higher you go there)

Rank III is the sweet spot

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We are in agreement over something. :)

I really tried not be negative but you are right I think and so many say the same. Just no enjoyment there.

It is a big jump from 5.0 to 6.7 and no kind of hand over or smooth baton change if you get my meaning. Everything apart from the 5.7 SPAA needs modernizing all together and the only thing the light fast stuff has is speed which it does not currently have without the mods.
CAS might have eased the passage but I’m still trying to get the P47.

I am just about to try UK at 6.0 -6.3 but fearing the worst.

Also even if not for CAS, the gameplay as you go higher and higher would be… FINE. But not really all that NEW. Okay, there’s ATGMs, there is this and that, whatever.

But more or less, it’s “The same thing you just did earlier, but bigger and stronger, up against stuff that is also bigger and stronger though and just cancels out”. AND you’re paying way more SL and RP for it.

So again, I’d still probably mostly play like Rank III anyway as a sweet spot. It’s tanks, it’s kind of all just tanks. But that’s the cheapest and soonest rank you aren’t seal clubbing at anymore. As far as I can tell, the typical skill level kind of stops going up, and most people in like 4.0-5.7 games are level 70-100 marshals and stuff already, just like in high tiers.

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Absolutely 100%.
There is no reason to advance any further. I am not bored with 1-6 BR by any means, and I still have much to learn and experience so why climb any higher and just make myself miserable.

Thanks for your input it’s a Christmas comfort


Very interest why, cough cough top tier “very skilled with good gamer chair players”…

Because it’s plenty fun (all the same tank basics and gameplay), and cheaper (in terms of grind), and you don’t constantly get killed by CAS. As discussed above. Also you get all event progress and battlepass there.

(Edit: oh you mean cheaters? I dunno, I think they’re probably in both mid and high tiers either way about the same, I’d guess)

Here are my thoughts:
6.7-7.7 in Italy is just hell. It does have some cool gimmicks, such as a decent CAS by all standards: the F-84G, but it is nowhere close to great. CAS at this BR range either has a lot of easy to use rockets(F4U-7, A-1H, strikemaster) or a good payload(AM-1, AU-1, Tu-2S), and the F-84G or P-47D-30 is neither of them.
M26A1, yeah, not the brightest. But at this BR its either rat lights, or KT, Heavy Pershings etc, that gets all the spotlights. Mediums at this BR such as the T-44 or the pershing kind of struggles because it is not bad, but frustrating to play, you get penned by HEAT slingers and cannot pen heavies. When you do get to the OF-40 it is a lot better because it has LRF and basically it is better than the leo 1 in every aspect. You also have the R3, and BTR etc, the vampire can both CAS and do A2A in GRB pretty well.

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Yes I do mean cheaters. After the last bot ban wave I have seen a lot more blatant cheaters in higher tiers, seems like they are trying to “revenge” gaijin. Then they get banned again.
Anyways, I do enjoy 4.0 Italy. You are right about rank III being the most fun, while with actually decent strength, lesser players tends to spawn in good CAS but you always have good AA or just hop in a BF109 and deal with them. Good CAS too, the SM92 has two big bombs. If you want SL, you can even make a full premium lineup there, I can see you enjoy the semovente a lot but I do not know how good is it in GRB too. 10.3 is also a great BR, and inbetween them 5.0, 5.7/6.0, 8.0, 9.3/9.7 etc.

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If you wanted to buy a premium, you can get the MTCA, it is basically an OF-40 Mk.2A with better engine.
I would say if you wanted to save money but also desires a premium, this is the one to go for. I have no idea if the VRCC will go on sale the next week.
Well, at the current stage, Italy is not worth spending money on, unless you are a big fan of the tree after all. Those money can go to your Chrismas celebration.
Alternatively, if you wanted to have some fun, you can also grab the Pz.IV G and the M4 Hybrid and wolla, you have a lineup that is not only strong, but also hella fun and got something for every situation.

Italy was awesome up to and including 5BR and that is why it was such a downer at 6 and above.

I 'm kind of pragmatic about it because I realize every nation gets to dominate at times overall from 1 BR to top. I’ll drop back down or maybe just stab at 6.3 or 6.7 a little at a time maybe. Nice to hear other players opinions on it all.

I played Italy back in the day before the tree was really fleshed out (well, it still isn’t but…) and this isn’t new. It also doesn’t get much better; Italy at 9.3 is fun with the MTCA, VRCC premiums and the various IFV’s around 10 but after that you’re stuck with the Ariete’s - they used to be real good, now they’re not. Also only a single 11.7 MBT and none of the Ariete’s has their armor modeled correctly AFAIK so it’s … painful, I would say.

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Arietes are a complete joke sadly, but Gaijin wants to pretend Italy has a top tier.

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Oddly enough I went and played Italy to grind the AMV some more right after posting this and … it actually worked out okay. Maybe I should just pre-emptively complain on the forum before an Italy match and the snail will bless me with a win…

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Getting the right circumstances anything could work, but the one gimmick they had is already matched and overmatched, the war kit supposedly has the armor protection equivalent of a literal log lol and they’re just way too high of a BR, I think in the long run it’s just going to suck aside from some good matches.

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Yeah I think unfortunately it won’t change any time soon. Only reason I’m even bothering with the AMV is that I had my Italy tree all researched before it came out (back in the days when the Arietes were competitive at least) and it just gets on my OCD mantitties that there’s an unresearched vehicle in there.

Then again, I’ve still got Japan, China, and USSR 6.0+ to work on…

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Don’t think Japan is going to make you feel any better, all the redeeming qualities just disappear over time or things get nerfed repeatedly, or have silly ‘‘balancing’’ features like ready racks 3 times slower than your Russian MBTs.