Italian F84f airspawn?

First time posting. But why does the Italian f84f not have its airspawn? I get since its rank 6 it lost it but its not fair that every other F84f at the same BR with the exact same armaments have a airspawn.

For some daft reason every thunderstreak but the USAF one was sent to Rank VI all while the USAF one still sits at Rank V, As such the ones you see airspawning are the poxy USAF one, (Same goes for the Thunderjets since they’re all Rank V still).

Similar as the SO.4050 IIN(Late) it’s the only one with an airspawn since it stayed at Rank V all while the others went to Rank VI during the same update (Strangely is also the only 8.3 but that’s enough of that aircraft for a Thunderstreak topic)

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