It was a nice run, but I am going to stop playing WT (after all these years)

And the main reasons are exactly how this game hasn’t really improved at all where it matters.

from 2017 to now, the balancing has only become worse, the grind worse and the whole game mechanics more frustrating than ever.

I just can’t enjoy playing top tier due to the mix of poor nation balancing with Russia dominating top tier for longer than the US and Germany did combined and without receiving actual nerfs or measures to keep them from curb stomping.

Uneven capabilities, gimped ammo and armor, poor spawn cost calculus favoring large lineups with meta vehicles and easy to spawn helicopters. Repetitive maps and too much focus on maps that either feel like Call of Duty cramped maps or League of Legends 3 lane maps. On top of a really repetitive map rotation that manages to spam the same maps multiple times in half a dozen matches.

Lower tiers are incredibly stale, surely it is nice and all to seal club newbies, but since Gaijin is focusing on modern vehicles, the WWII tanks are kinda forgotten, specially with the SL earnings being heavily nerfed. There is no much point in playing low tier as a SL printer as it used to be.

The balancing being done by statistics, which Gaijin doesn’t share, isn’t helping either. We have vehicles that are far better than everything in their ranks and equivalent BRs because they are premium, which results in a lot of sub par players having horrible stats with them because they skipped the learning curve they’d have if they started this game at rank I.

On top of BR compression and black-hole zones that make entire lineups nonviable because you are guaranteed to be constantly uptiered and fight not only tanks that completely outclass yours, but can also be spammed in quantity.

And don’t even get me started with the volumetric shells. By far one of the most frustrating things in WT. I thought that it would help with the BS penetrations and make armor viable again. But I was wrong, it made things worse. With pixel shells, hitting weakspots and gaps on armor was fairly easier and for that to happen it actually required whoever shot your tank to hit.

Now with volumetric, you can do everything right. You can shoot the side armor, you can aim at weak spots and you can shoot first. It more often than it should doesn’t matter, because a shell got caught in some poorly designed damage models and got eaten by side skirts, optics, MGs or armor overlaps that shouldn’t be added up. This just made things more RNG prone and frustrating, which completely kills the fun and skill play on this game.

And how Gaijin has become very anti-player. We could get Golden Eagles using Wagers, we could get some GE by starting the tutorials, the grind wasn’t so merciless and getting SL to afford purchasing higher tier vehicles just meant that you could easily play lower tiers to make some SL and then spend it. Which made sure that we could play lower tiers for the SL and high tiers for the end game, but now it isn’t really worth playing low tier due to the god-awful SL gains.

Also, the new forum structure looks awful. I hate it.


Saved for later. This post identifies many of the problems GRB suffers from; as someone who pays 60% GRB, 30% ARB and 10% naval, I’d put CAS at the top of the list as it sows down your grind, massively increases frustration (can’t fight back against it unless you die and respawn in SPAA or a plane of your own, which means you’re not paying a tank you wanted to) and screams of tone-deaf game design.


I agree 100% but the most frustrating thing I find is how often you get team mates that contribute absolutely nothing. The guys that are too scared to come out from behind the rock they’re cowering behind, even when you’re getting pounded by an enemy and all they’d have to do is pop out and put a shot into the side of the enemy tank. They end up dead anyway because as soon as you get killed the enemy just goes after them next and they’re too scared to do anything about it. It drives me crazy the number of times you wipe out a third or more of the entire enemy team and still lose the match because the rest of the team won’t contribute.

Unfortunately Gaijin’s coding can’t cure cowardice.


I’m done as well. At least until Gaijin see fit to do something about this god awful and completely inconsistent damage model. Constantly hitting tanks like standard M4s and T34s in the side with M6 APHE and getting bounces or non-pens with is complete BS. Even hit a Flak88 side on directly in the rear ammo box with a Sturer Emil and it did nothing besides turn some of the ammo yellow. He drove off like nothing happened. What an absolute joke. This damage model is broken beyond words and the spaghetti code that just gets patched up with chewing gum and string each update needs a total enema. Every problem that gets fixed creates 3 new ones. Not good enough for a game that many PAY to play.


@Richardguy CAS is only over-powered because of selfish, ego-driven low IQ players. If more people played ystervark, bosvark and R3 T20, CAS wouldn’t exist. Of course, when was the last time an R3 player actually shot down a plane, rather than driving to the enemy spawn and being immediately killed?

@Sir_Swearsalot I blame kids with their mum and dad’s credit card. There are so many bad players at Rank IV. I play BR 6.3 Italy and the team’s are incompetent. When the enemy is near to spawn camping against me, I always prefer to flee the area and attack from a new angle. Most players just die, respawn, die again on the same road. Rinse and repeat. There should be a larger SL reward for players who rescue allies (by killing the enemy nearby) and there should be a larger SL reward for repairs. It would encourage people to play the game properly, instead of avoiding the capture points at all cost.

Hehehe, I think exactly the same, I am completely exhausted from losing games due to a beating in minute 5 due to having players who either do nothing standing at absurd points, or who all go to the same point advancing like chickens to die one after another, All this added to the almost zero help you receive ends up tiring you and it is normal to refuse to lose another vehicle when the enemy is almost at the respawn.
Many times something has seemed funny to me, people complain about the one dead leave, and then you look at the games and there are like 3 or 4 players who leave the game losing 3 tanks without doing anything, which means that yes who played until the end, but in a disastrous way.
Afterwards, many people do not know how to stop at key points in the game, defend zones, cover teammates, they only know how to stay doing nothing in a useless point, or what causes defeat the most, which is all advancing to the same point as if it were one blind convention, so the enemy standing on good points just shoot and kill them one by one from those good positions.

i believe such behaviour is caused by unreasonable repair cost and/or lack of any other good vehicles in the lineup

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Then don’t bother playing. All these people are doing by spawning in, hiding and doing nothing the whole game is ruining the game for those people who are actually trying to play and win the game. If you’re too scared at that level to actually take part in the battle, then drop down to a lower BR where you might be comfortable and play and learn the game some more before you move up.

you are wrong, this is currently the most efficient to grind if you dont want to lose SL, people who leave probably wouldnt if they did such behavior themself

this argument doesnt work, no matter how much skillful everyone gets, there will always be someone to die first, and thus always someone who will end up losing.

And you want to stop, being a mouse user et all? Try grinding with the joystick and see how you like that! Try also not to get frustrated when a level 10 mouse aimer can do almost everything better than a level 100 joystick user. Boy if you think you are frustrated with the game using a mouse, don’t even go there with a joystick. Gaijin just ignore us and seem to make us want to look stupid.

That line about CAS only being viable because SPAA players act like tank destroyers and yolo run at the enemy is so real. I can’t tell you how many times Ive been killed by a low and slow CAS plane and look over to see a radar equipped SPAA sitting 100 feet behind me shooting at the front of an enemy MBT. Really grinds my gears.

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I’ll tell you why I’d stop (apart from the unfairness). When you loose a server connection, which happens quite frequently for me (don’t know if it does for anyone else) then you lose your aircraft. It usually seems to be at their end because I have an ethernet connection which is otherwise reliable.

You lose your expensive aircraft through no fault of your own. It’s not enjoyable losing something like an F4 Phantom this way, only to be penalised for it…

Before the SL changes with the awful grind I found a way to still enjoy, albeit with frequent breaks.
Now the economy is already noticeable better in my opinion but I almost only play air and when I do play ground it’s just to spawn in something that can spawn my aircraft for fun and not for grinding.
For the first time ever I am grinding for a gen 4 jet because with the new SL calculations I will be able to actually fly it…and buy the jets along the way to get there which before was only possible when waiting for discounts even after using premium vehicles. Currently 100k rp away from the highest Swedish jet to pre-grind the Gripen. Coming from being mid rank V 20 days ago. If they add a premium jet for America I like then I’ll grind out those Gen 4’s too! Was so psyched and disappointed when they added the F-14 that even if I had it ground out, with the punishing system I wouldn’t be able to fly it. Now I will be and am looking forward to the American Gen 4’s too!
I’ve never been more stoked for anything in War Thunder but I understand each has their own experience with it. Hope you come back friend.

Modern mobile phone friendly. I love the troll of the permanent helicopter pic behind the dark mode screen. Gaijin have quite the sense of humour.

Best of luck away from the addiction that is War Thunder.

Sons of the Forest
Everspace 2
Aliens Dark Descent

There is life after tanks and planes o7

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if you’re going to dump your account do a giveaway with raffle.

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Taking a break off the game is mandatory process for me in this game.
Not only there are many good titles out there to try and have fun, but the structure of the game demands it.
There are too many annoyances in WT and sometimes it feels like a continuous BETA title, while it is a good enough game.
But yeah, as much as i may like it mostly because i love planes, i take a break after 2-3 months of playing the game , waiting for updates or solutions (for example it became much better after the last changes in economy, yet it needs more tuning both in RP gains and gameplay).

You need to make lots of SL to warrant playing something?
Why not just play it because it is fun or you enjoy?
Or do you not enjoy?
You make some valid points though.
Just have a little break and come back.


I don’t think you quite understand what he is saying. He is saying that trying to just simply enjoy the game isn’t even a viable option anymore. There is no “enjoying the game” when you have to spent MONTHS upon MONTHS to make any sort of progress to even begin to reach top-tier (If you want to “enjoy” the Abrams or Leopards).

And even IF you make it to top-tier, it’s all for nothing. All you get is gate-keeping USSR players who sit at the edge of the map and snipe you from your spawn and Heli players who just sit way beyond visual range and spam ATGMs. There is no enjoyment in it. There is no fun in it.

The matchmaking is even more appalling than low to mid-tier. At least at those tiers, if you played USA, you knew you were going to go up against the Axis powers and you had a sliver of a chance of properly planning and actually enjoy a “realistic battle”. But no, top tier is worse. You’ll spend months learning the weakness of a specific nation, only to play Germany and go against USSR, USA, AND Germany. It is all ass-backwards for it being a “Realistic battle”. It is completely unbalanced to the point where, again, it is no longer enjoyable.

In order for you to even break even in terms of SL repair costs, you pretty much have to dominate the battlefield. Which doesn’t happen. Instead, you take out one or two tanks and lose 30k-60k in SL because you get shit on within the first 3 minutes of the game and before you even leave your spawn.

There is nothing enjoyable about this game anymore. Not for the casual players anyhow. It is full of sweats whose life is War Thunder. But for the average person who just wants to get off work and have a few fun matches to relax, it’s impossible. I have a better time playing Call of Duty than this game anymore and I have been playing for close to 4 or 5 years now.

The game is tailored to the sweats, it is tailored to the try-hards, it is tailored to those who spend every day, all day, playing the game. You get punished for being casual.


I’m convinced many of them are not in fact players. There’s no way they all play like that so consistently!

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I’m gonna let people in on a little secret… Top tier isn’t the only tier!

Go play the vehicles in the tree. Forget about premium vehicles and top tier and just enjoy the vehicles you previously unlocked/spaded. Progression will get mundane if you don’t take a break from it.