It is time to give aircraft like mig19 f100 and j32 countermeasures

f104 not included, cuz it’s broken as fk.
I mean, these 9.x jets are nearly not playable now. every game you get uptiered to 10.3 and end up swallowing tons of aim9e aim9d and aim9j. Why don’t you just remove these aircraft from the game gaijin? you don’t want us to play it anyway.

Do you have proof that those aircraft used flares and also they are there for enjoyment


did you know that gaijin had already talked about giving them ccm?
oh btw. did you know that f5c never had ccm?

plus: jets like f100 and mig19 used to be there for enjoyment. now? I wonder if you really play these aircraft now or you are just another premium warrior that skips all these vehicles. It’s true suffering. gaijin doesn’t care about them anymore. all they know is make more money from foolish rich kids that cums upon seeing T-90M and L2A7

nah, dont need fake changes to jets, just decompress the gamemode please and thanks


MiG-19 still does well, F-100 not so much but can still compete

first, we already have fake changes. look at F-5C’s countermeasures! They never really existed on an F-5C
second, I do agree that the br decompresses too much. this is the most of all issue. The only problem is l, we may have to wait for another 10 years before it is finally solved, now that gaijin only cares about milking all the money from foolish rich kids through brainlessly introducing new vehicles

and mig19 don’t really fit well. It is capable of handling 9.7 and 10.0 matches. but 10.3? forget about it. it’s not a f104

that doesnt make it ok

usually this won’t be a problem, because it’s full uptier after all. So why is it a problem? Because, I just played mig19 for an hour and literally every single match of mine is 10.3.

remove f5c’s ccm then

I’m not gaijin

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get some rockets and use them as flares.

Mig19 are unplayable? Right… F100 and j32 are a bit mediocre but they are still somewhat flyable in the right hand. Bring rocket pods with u next times.

That’s not a pattern they’ll follow with everything. Gaijin invented CMs for the F-5C just because they wanted their premium to sell well.

As for the F-100 and MiG-19, they’re perfectly flyable. MiG-19 is still good, as is the F-100. Even the F-100F which is the worst F-100 with 2 less guns than the others is very much usable. I had a very fun time spading it and when played right, it is the murderer of A-10s.

The J32B struggles a bit, but even that is not abhorrent. It’s not in a great place, but it’s still somewhat usable. No need to give them fake CMs.

No they didn’t, it’s already been answered multiple times the F-5C gets access to CM’s due to it being a renamed F-5A. Which could mount CM’s.

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Alright, i spaded F100A and the J6A while A-10s and Su-25s watched the skies.

It’s really not that hard, most A-10 and Su-25 players rely are there all aspects which is pretty easy to counter if you’re going straight at them.

Oh and these planes dont need flares, it’s called learning to play your aircraft.

If i was flying a bus, i wouldn’t go near agile fighters.

So what i do play them from time to time just i had no problem

a-10 has never been a problem. As far as I can recall I have only been shot down by a10’s missile like two to three times in a mig19pt. What really annoys me is 10.3 match which is full of supersonic fighters with good missiles. Admittly one shouldn’t expect too much one he gets full uptiered. but I had 6 matches in mig19pt, and got full-uptiered 6 times. and I am not willing to just leave the match when seeing full uptier cuz I do feel very guilty in doing so.
well of course, it’s a br decompression problem. But I really would not expect gaijin to fix the decompression, neither the GRB 9.x nor the ARB 9.x uptier. so, I’d say that we should equip aircraft at or above br 9.3 some ccm.(again. f104 not included, unless it is moved to higher br). as far as I can remember, gaijin had said about giving them ccm for a couple times. (A-4N and yak38 would still be too deadly for 8.x though…another decompression problem?)

I already replied to others that I don’t really consider 10.0 matches a problem, especially in a mig19pt which has wonderful flight performance. The thing is I get full-uptiered to 10.3 literally every single game and I cannot expect gaijin to fix the decompression problem cuz it usually takes them like a decade to do so. so this is why I propose this ccm thing. plus as far as I can remember gaijin had already said about maybe give 9.x jets ccm in the future. is it on roadmap? I haven’t really checked it out.