It is time to fix the Matchmaking

Gajin needs to fix the number of Players in a given GRound RB match after all this time. They made 16 V 16 mandatory above 8.7 but neglected the lower BR`s where to this day the MM will rather make 6 games 6 V 6 instead of 3 games of 20 V 20 games ruining the fun of a Team based Game.

So I want to know what you guys would consider to be a good number of Players on each side for a balanced match between 2.3 and 8.7 (prior to that we have bots and after we already have decent limit considering the amount of players)

  • 14 VS 14
  • 16 VS 16
  • 18 VS 18
  • 20 VS 20
  • 24 VS 24

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They made 16 v 16 mandatory?

Haven’t experienced that personally