Israeli Boeing F15I Ra'am

                    **Israeli F15E (F15I)**




This aircraft been often defined as “a Jewish F-15E”, but actually is Israel’s own modified version of the American one to best fit their needs in the region.

In 1991 during Desert Storm, Iraqi troops launched Al Hussein missiles toward Israel. The Israeli Air Force realized that F-15B/D Baz needed upgrades like the AN/APG-63 radar for vertical target interception and longer-range weapons like the GBU-15 glide bomb to intercept such threats.

In 1993, a need arose for a multifunctional fighter capable of intercepting missiles like the “Scud” shortly after launch. Two squadrons (50 aircraft) needed equipping urgently.
Proposals for F-16 and F/A-18D were discarded due to insufficient engine power. F-15E emerged as the favored platform.
F-111 Aardvark was initially considered but rejected due to limitations in engaging targets in all weather conditions and self-defense capabilities.

The predecessor to the F-15E, the F-111 Aardvark, was initially considered to fill the gap. However, its limitations, including the inability to engage targets in all weather conditions and defend itself like the Strike Eagle aircraft, led to its rejection. Furthermore, outdated technology in avionics missions and maintenance concerns further diminished the viability of the “Vark.”


“Ra’am” is similar to the F-15S and has a modified AN/APG-70 radar (AN/APG-70I).
Radar lacks certain capabilities compared to the Strike Eagle but has greater memory capacity and operates faster.
Radar operates in I/J bands, offering 15 air-to-air modes and four air-to-surface modes.
Features “Vertical Scan” for low-altitude target detection and “Super Search” for initial target detection.
Radar has ground target detection modes, including “Real Map” and “High-Resolution Map.”
Equipped with Israeli U/VHF radios and advanced Electronic Warfare Systems (SPS-2110 and SPS-3000).
Integration with Rafael datalink and Collection System and Data Transfer RADA.
Can be equipped with LANTIRN and Litening pods.
Crew interface includes multiple displays for pilot and navigator/weapons operator.
Night missions utilize ACES II ejection seats and “Journal” night vision goggles.


  • Cruising speed: 1000 km / h
  • Maximum speed: 2650 km / h
  • Rate of Climb: 15 240 m / min
  • Power: 0.87
  • Load factor: 9 Gs
  • Turnover rate: 16.5 ° / s
  • Reason rolling: 240 ° / s
  • Mileage / range: 1270 km / 2540 km
  • Radar range: 160 km
  • Buoyancy: 2X Pratt & Whitney F100 PW 229 of 14,500 kgf of thrust.
  • Length: 19.45 m
  • Wingspan: 13.5 m
  • Height: 5.64 m
  • Empty weight: 20411 kg (empty)


  • Air-Air: AIM-120C Amraam, Missile AIM- 9L Sidewinder, Rafael Python 4/5 missile.
  • Air-Land : JDAM bombs (all) Paveway bombs (all), Bombs [GBU-28] and GBU-39 SDB, HARM missiles, Maverick missiles, [AGM-84 Harpoon]/SLAM, TSSAM missiles and [AGM-142 Popeye].
  • Internal: 1x General Electric gun [M61] 6 20 pipes and 940 mm projectiles.
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Going to need some citations for this. F-15Es are equipped with a 560rnd container, not 940

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This is not an F15E, It’s a modified version of F15E. Same as F15E is a modified version of F15A. Check the sources.,-120%20AMRAAMs%2C%20carried%20externallys

Just found another source saying that indeed it has 940 rounds. Read the Armaments.


I juat hope it will receive domestic Israeli air-to-ground weapons. It’s really wierd that Gaijin did not introduce any at this point.

I’d like to expand on this:


  • Derby ARH missile
  • I-Derby ARH missile
  • I-Derby ER ARH missile
  • Python 5 heatseeking missile


  • Popeye (AGM-142 is specifically Popeye in US service) air-to-ground missile
  • Delilah cruise missile
  • GATR laser guided rocket pods
  • Lizard laser guidance convertion kit for dumb bombs
  • Opher electro-optical guidance kit for dumb bombs
  • SPICE TV/IIR guidance kit (for 1000lb and 2000lb class bombs)
  • SPICE 250 and SPICE 250 ER TV/IIR guided bomb
  • MPR 250/500/1000/2000 dumb bombs with controlled fragments (extra effective against armored targets like bunkers and tanks, compatible with any convertion kit I mentioned)
  • MSOV GPS guides loitering munition
  • RAMPAGE GPS guided rockets

Yeah it would be nice. Doubt anyone gonna use it specifically for ground, I grinded all of the israeli air tree and I have no interest in their tanks as they are very bad in game.

The F-15E and F-15I would both be abaolute CAS monsters.

The F-15I, for example, can carry 28 (!!!) SPICE-250 TV/IIR guided bombs.

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Wait is this from one of my linked sources? I can just edit it in if anything or give me your source.

It’s from my list of domestic Israeli weapons.


Ohh, but I mean maybe it can or cannot carry all of them

If F-15I from 1998 ~ 2001 equipped guided air-to-ground munitions like USAF F-15E 1996 ~ 1998 but before armed 5th gen infrared (Python 5) & domestic Air-to-Air Missile and before integraded domestic Israeli GPS/INS air-to-ground munitions (except AGM-142 Popeye)

Yea F-15I CAS & ground-attack role better F-16CG (F-16C Block 40) & USAF F-16C Block 50 (2002) 60% or 65% in ground RB & ground SB mode and new meta multirole fighter toptier


F15C/E/I could very easily turn the meta to NATO next update. Too bad we (Israel mains) don’t have good tanks to go with potentially the future best CAS in game.


looks great

I’m not sure F-15I Ra’am coming to the first major update & second major update this year ? but great CAS & ground-attack role and believe F-15I Ra’am great new meta multirole fighter for Isreal tech tree in the future +1

Nah its probably gonna come, either way is this or Baz C which would be a copy paste move…

Both can carry the same missiles but whatever (AIM120C)

Personally I think gajin could be add new air superiority fighter with active radar homing MRAAM before early heavy Multirole fighter

But I guess later this quarter (Q2 or Q3 or Q4) should see early heavy Multirole fighter

Early heavy Multirole fighter armed 3rd gen & 4th gen IR AAM, active radar homing MRAAM 90’s ~ 2001 and Air-to-Ground munitions ordinance from 90’s but before integrated 5th gen IR AAM, ARH MRAAM 2000’s and 2000’s guided Air-to-Ground munitions

I will make a suggestion for F35I Adir too later just so its in there already

I might hope the ultimate IAF/IDF F-16 before F-35I from you or other