Israel’s F15C should be named Akef

The Baz Meshupar was a late 90s early 2000s upgrade package to all of Israel’s F15 inventory, upgrading them to have F15I (Ra’am) levels of technology. The Baz Meshupar was standard equipped with the AN/APG/63(v)1, and the Baz Meshupar in game currently uses the AN/APG/63/PSP. Israel’s F15C is currently identical to the F15C Akef, though named the Baz Meshupar without having the Meshupar’s (or Baz 2000’s) upgrades. The Akef used the PSP version, which is what the Meshupar uses right now, and lacks the extra internal fuel or airframe changes that the upgrade brought with it. Please change the name to “Akef” instead of “Baz Meshupar” unless it will get the Baz 2000’s upgrades as we move forward

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