Israel 9.7 ifv suggestion

Since the new Namer is heavily nerfed and at a br with no lineup around it and should have its actual armor and more firepower at 11.0 here are a few similar ideas for 9.7 based off the m113 apc.

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9.7 with good chunk of spikes dosent seem fair tbh, spike LR2 nontheless

spikes are very unreliable in game and situational, bmp2m is only 10.0 and gets 8 missiles and a better gun.


even so, get this ur in an 8.7 as soon as you show your 50 cal someone gets a lock onto you and you get killed by a spike behind cover since remember recently they fixed the locking issues on spikes, an 8.7 or 9.7 tank barely has armor, its gonna get absolutely demolished

I run a LOT of 9.7 and top br games are basically non existent. 8.7 will be top tier in their own battles 95% of the time because 10.0-10.3 is flooded with premiums.

The only other solution would be to give Merkavas their actual armor and move them to 10.0 or move the mk3 down to 10.3, they definitely don’t belong in 11.0

well that’s the thing i havent seen any spike launcher based vehicle at 9.7, dosent matter how you see it a 9.7 even if encountering at 10.7 will be fighting stuff it can bully with ease as long as it has something on sight

There are better pics for the 9.7 BR that Israel could get even on the M113 chassis such as this one with an unmanned remote controlled 25mm autocannon

Or even this, the FFVD, the prototype for the Carmel IFV

8.7 or 9.0 feels much more appropriate.

Hell no… long range spikes man. Just the Namer-RCWS-30 with a worse hull but same capabilities.

Yes and no.

First of all, the Namer RVWS-30 is being added as a light tank option for higher tiers, not to be played with just the Imp. Chaparral and using 10.3 CAS, other options like the one you want will likely be added in the future. There are many Namer prototypes and light tank options. Hopefully in the future we get a fully fledged light tank line and a sub tree line to fill the gaps. Personally hoping for the Eitan IFV myself.

Secondly, it’s not nerfed mate. Its unfinished, missing armor values, and lacking many things along with damage modeling.

Thirdly, what the heck do you mean by more firepower? This is what’s it’s getting and nothing more, a 30mm with very potent darts and some great long range spikes. Sure it’s a low amount of spikes for now, but I expect we’ll see more carrying capacity in the future. What more count you want from the most well protected ifv in the world, that’s not meant to kill tanks mind you…

You overvalue spikes. They rarely hit anything and do no damage.

An I-TOW missile is better than a Spike. It’s depressing.


Spikes are terrible in game at the moment and you only get 2 so getting 2 kills with them will be rare. you also get a very small ammo count for the main gun, it’s also a 63 ton tank that gaijin thinks has no armor (nerfed) so it’s not maneuverable and is easy to kill unless you have cover. The main gun isn’t “extremely potent” at all so unless you find something thin skinned you won’t be doing much considering it’s not small or fast enough to flank.

Now look at other ifv that are at 10.0 and the firepower they have.

I’m not sure if everyone complaining about spike missiles has ever used them in anything but the test drive.

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I am aware, but there’s better than nothing, and is it in fact better to have them than an I-TOW. The spikes take care of long range (some of the time) and the gun takes care of close range in which the spikes can’t hit. The I-tow is quite slow and guides horrible, wihh th worded pen then the spike, at the BR it’s at it would be better to take 2 spikes than I-tows, (ik you’re judging joking yt in all seriousness the I-TOW sucks after its nerf a while back)

Buddy, this is the dev server, the damn thing weighs more than the Merkavas, and you think it’s going to come to the live server like that? It has zero armor, which is inaccurate and can be bug reported if it does come to the live server like that, it has 2 spikes, which the Hungarian IFV at 10.7 (name slipping me atm) as had 2 spikes for quite some time, but it was improved eventually. Likely this will happen with the Namer RCWS-30, either in time for the live, or a bit after. Can always make a suggestion for it since there’s tons of empty space in the back for em. Yes, the gun is indeed potency when you know how to play it that is. If you’re attacking things from the front, then yea you’re not gonna do nothing but take barrels and tracks, play it as an IFV, take out critical components and then slowly get towards them to take em out from the side or other weakspots.

It’s not. An I-TOW can be used at any distance. The Spike needs around 600 meters minimum and has a kill chance that’s more random than getting a NAT 20. The vehicle suggested is an M113 chassis, so it has limited mobility and only a 30mm on the roof with 2 spikes. Spikes are by far the worst ground missile platform in this game (excluding arrow guided) and are entirely reliant on RNG.

They don’t because most maps have tons of cover and aren’t open fields. If your target goes behind a hill, house, or any obstruction, the Spike stops functioning. Long travel times only work if you fire the missile high above them in a helicopter.

Yes, but you can get kills if you’re skilled enough. The Spike isn’t like that. It’s entirely based on hope once you fire it. There’s no skill behind the spike. It’s entirely reliant on Gaijin’s algorithms once you fire it and we both know how inconsistent those are.

Penetration is nice, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t hit your target. Spikes rarely land hits, and when they do, they barely do any damage. Sometimes, they are able to one-shot a vehicle, but it’s rare. The Post-Pen isn’t good.

Personal preference, sure, but I would genuinely prefer an I-TOW as it currently stands.

I am extremely aware of how annoying TOW missiles are to use right now, but spikes are even worse. With a TOW, I can rely on my own abilities to hit a target. With a Spike, once I fire it, I have to hope it works. With a Bradley, you get about 12 or so missiles that consistently kill. With any vehicle with spikes, you get 2-4, and they have maybe a 40 percent chance of killing upon hitting the target, if they even do manage to guide properly.


At close range, you’re better off using your 30mm over any I-TOW, and at long range, the spikes are superior, despite their lack of damage.

And an I-TOW will hit that? Yeah no, still the best long range missile.

Hopefully that gets changed eventually, like the mavericks this update. Their new spalling and damage is rumored to be 500% better. Surely a matter of time before they get the stats they deserve…

The 30mm Bushmaster II has neither the firepower or fire rate to punch through the front of an MBT or moderately armored opponent. An I-TOW will always be more useful if you’re stationary.

No, an I-TOW won’t, but neither will a spike. The Spike was designed for that, and it struggles to do it in-game because Gaijin has intentionally withheld the spike from being a good missile. They know a healthy spike missile mechanic would be a bitch to fight. An I-TOW won’t give you false hope. If you keep that beam on your enemy, it will do significant damage unless they have some kind of missile protection. The Spike isn’t like that. You can perfectly lock an enemy and it still won’t kill them 9 times out of 10.

I’ll believe rumors when I see it with my own eyes. I’ve watched the Spike performance on the DEV server. They still hit the exact same.


At 10.3, I doubt you’ll be seeing the I-TOW punch through most hull armor, and especially the large amount of ERA covered tanks at that BR range. Not to mention good luck getting it to hit where you need it too with how it’s been acting lately…

Sadly true, gaijoobles is just understandably scared of making it as effective as it should be, hopefully it gets buffed to an realistic standard in the near future, I’m sure they got sliders or something they have turned down like with the HSTV-L’s spalling and the old Mavericks damage/damage radius. Still, if it does indeed work when it’s supposed too, which I guess I’m luckier than most as I feel it works half the time for me, either a critical hit or a kill 50% of the time I fire one. Either way, I’ve found it to be… mildly decent when it needs to be, and I highly doubt we’ll only be getting

However I do want to point out that if they do go behind a hill, a spike will still track thanks to its lofting angle.

Spikes haven’t changed, AGM-65 mavericks have, according to data miners their post pen damage is 500% superior on the dev server compared to the current damage on the live server. If this can happen to mavericks since they were preforming so poorly and people complained, then it can happen for spikes too in the future.

I’m not sure why itow is the only example here, how about all the Russian atgm or even the top attack missiles?

The Rbs56 on my 9040 Bill is extremely lethal and kills tanks that I can’t even see and it has 8 of those… plus the main gun has 143mm pen with proxy rounds available at 10.0

The BMP 2M has 8 (fast) tandem 1200mm missiles also 10.0

Khrizantema has 16 and can be locked with reliability even through trees and can do it behind cover at 9.7

QN506 at 10.0 gets 4 similar to spikes, plus 20 rockets and a 30mm cannon

Freccia at 10.0 gets 8 spikes

Vilkas at 10.3 is much faster to get on flanks, has 4 spikes and also has 600 rounds for the bushmaster

No, but that wasn’t the point of my argument. The point was that this vehicle suggestions should be vastly lower down and not less than a single BR from the likely over BR’d Namer. What will they do if they add the Achzarit? It should realistically go M113, Achzarit, and then Namer, but if you huddle them together, they’re gonna have a hard time.

And I do often actually use an I-TOW at top tier. My lineup often has the Begleitpanzer which uses one.

I understand why. I played the Warfare 2077 match when they tested the original spike mechanic. It was a nightmare to fight them. Especially because the UDES was bugged at the time and had the event mechanic on accident.

And while a Spike will track behind a hill, which is actually because Gaijin lets the missile lock through some ground as well, they do have a higher chance of killing someone who’s not far behind it. However, if your in a situation like that, you’ll probably prefer a TOW-2B in most situations.

I’ll be happy when I see it myself.

I was mentioning how even an I-TOW would be more consistent at getting kills at 10.0+ than a Spike Missile.

There are much more dangerous vehicles at the BR, but I wasn’t comparing the spike to its own Battle ratings. I was making an example of how pathetic the missile’s performance is.