Israel 9.7 ifv suggestion

Yeah I know what you meant, I’m just assuming basherbendog has never played with spikes outside of the test drive lol

Did my reply disappear, or did ut just not send…
Nah I ain’t typing that all up again, ima just wait for the live server version before commenting anymore on the state of the upcoming 60 ton “light tank” lmfao.

Also @stangbro01 yea, I have used spikes before. I’ve hit mobile targets before, I’ve one shot targets before, I’ve missed standstill targets, and I’ve also had my spikes “hit” the enemy tank and the entire particle beam just flies over the engine deck without so much as scraping the tank with no clue as to why it went for the back of the tank anyway when that’s not even center mass.
It is a… goofy little missile to say the least. But when it works and hits where it needs to, it works, either with a critical hit that disables the vehicle to an extent, or kills it.

spikes can be unconsistant but honestly, they can do a heavy ammount of damage to vehicles at 10.3 10.0 and even more to vehicles under those BR brackets, i’ve used a lot the vilkas and in my own experience spikes are not bad but not good either, but if you have a bunch of them, its gonna be pretty cancer

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Israeli TAM update, for 10.3. Namer is very lonely :)

All German systems were replaced with Israeli systems and new ones (also Israeli) were added.

Aged well

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Well at least it has more armor than it did initially haha… ha……

I’ve survived a few good hits (rare) but the main issue is that it’s so big you can hardly find cover, plus it’s sluggish. You would think gaijin would compensate it with more armor