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Greetings, as you have noticed, I’ve disappeared from the forum for a while, so I decided to post something interesting after such a break. So I present to you the FFVD ( Future Fighting Vehicle Demonstrator ) from the Israeli private military manufacturer Elbit Systems.


FFVD - Elbit Systems " Future Fighting Vehicle Demonstrator "


FFVD at the testing ground in Israel (2019)


FFVD ( Future Fighting Vehicle Demonstrator )- Is a technology demonstrator of Elbit Systems based of an ex IDF’s M113 APC, initially made to participate in “CARMEL Future Combat Vehicle” program (2019) of Israel Defense Force. It integrates many of the modern systems that Elbit Systems had to offer. Such as additional spaced armor modules on all sides of the hull for improvement in protection from small caliber machine gun fire and shrapnel, unmanned UT30MK2 turret armed with ATK MK44 Bushmaster II 30 mm gun and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, Iron Fist APS ( Active Protection System ) and many more advanced systems.


As mentioned earlier FFVD was made to participate in “CARMEL Future Combat Vehicle” program (2019) of Israel Defense Force, it competed against IAI and Rafael prototypes and unfortunately for this vehicle the IAI was selected as a prime contractor for the CARMEL program. Despite of this FFVD continued as private venture of Elbit Systems and was used as an technical demonstrator through the military conventions.
As for example at AUSA 2019 in the US where Elbit Systems of America was aimed at the US future armored vehicle Programs including the US Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle Requirement (FIFV) or Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) and there this vehicle for the first time received the official name “FFVD”.
As of the 2023 this vehicle wasn’t adopted by any military, but some of the systems which it offers were applied on other vehicles of different armies around the world.

General Information



The firepower of this vehicle is presented by remotely operated UT-30 Mk.2 series combat module manufactured by Elbit Systems. The main armament is a 30mm ATK Mk.44 Bushmaster II autocannon, which is powerful and destructive, capable of firing API (Armor-Piercing Incendiary), HEI (High-Explosive Incendiary) and APFSDS-T (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer) munitions with a good rate of fire, it is present in game on VCC-80/30 which is in Italian TT. And the second armaments consists of a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun (which is unspecified, but most likely a commonly used by Israel FN MAG-60). The ammo capacity and vertical targeting angles are unspecified (and i couldn’t find any info in brochures or on official website). The whole system is stabilized with two plane stabilizer.

Observation, selection and targeting are carried out through an day colour HD TV and thermal cameras of 3rd generation, that also feature two independent automatic target trackers (ATTs) for improved hit probability and target engagement. The combat module also includes SupervisIR module on the retractable mast at the back of the turret, which is IR Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) system, which opens up many capabilities in surveillance and reconnaissance of wide area in combat conditions, it offers panoramic view of 90°x15.5° and as well a automatic target detection and tracking capability, but for the sake of balance this feature could be bypassed.

The combat vehicle has access to the latest “see-through-armor” technology from Elbit Systems called “Iron Vision” as well, but unfortunately I do not see any ways of implementing this technology in the game.

Main features:

  • Main armament- ATK Mk.44 Bushmaster II 30mm autocannon.
  • Secondary armament- 7.62mm coaxial machine gun (FN MAG-60 ?).
  • Two Plane Stabilizer
  • Laser range finder
  • 3rd generation thermals ( gunner and commander sights )
  • Advanced optics
  • Under armor reload capability
  • SupervisIR WAPS System


It is unclear if the engine and/or transmission we’re changed, so the mobility of the FFVD is likely provided by the original engine and transmission of M113A3. Which is problematic since the vehicle gained in weight due to all the modification it received.

The M113A3 originally weights 13.5 tonnes, with the additional armor, UT-30 Mk.2 combat module and other subsystems the vehicle adds up with approximately ~ 2.5 tonnes ( This is my guess, the extra weight could be more or less, ranging from 2 to 3 tonnes ), which accumulates to 16 tonnes. With the General Motors Detroit Diesel 6V53T, producing 275 horsepower, vehicle ends up with power to weigh ratio of 17.19 hp/t, which is a bad parameter, especially for light vehicle where it usually compensates the poor protection.
And along with the original Allison X200-4 transmission (4 forward, 1 reverse), FFVT accelerates forward on roads up to 64 km/h (40 mph), and in reverses up to 25 km/h (15 mph).


The vehicle is protected by the original M113 armor, 5083 Aluminium Alloy (28–44 mm). In addition to that FFVD adds on additional spaced armor modules on all sides of the hull, spaced armor modules are mounted on special mounts throughout the hull, which can be seen in the photographs as protruding black mounts, the composition and thickness of the armor isn’t mentioned anywhere, but in the photographs through the large gaps between the armor modules you can see the thickness of the modules, which is approximately 5-7mm (take that with the grain of salt, since it’s all my assumptions).
The protection of UT-30 Mk.2 combat module according to brochures consists of modular ballistic protection of STANAG 4569 standard ( level 2,3,4 or 6 ), but the exact level is unspecified.
Survivability in the realities of war Thunder is average, since on the one hand the front location of the engine and transmission serve as additional armor that will serve as a shield saving the crew from shrapnel, as well as the rear location of the external fuel tanks, which also serves as additional armor, on the other hand, the crew consists of only 2 members, the commander-gunner and the driver. In terms of Gameplay this flaw can be fixed as the FFVD has a third optional crew member, a reconnaissance quadcopter pilot. In theory he could be used as a spare crew member in game.
To buff it all up, FFVD can also be equipped with Elbit’s “Iron Fist” Hard Kill Active Protection System (APS). Which significantly increases survivability and eliminates the problems caused by low level of protection. There are four radars covering all sides of the vehicle with APS coverage, the front one being fixed to the top of mast on which SupervisIR module is installed. And two launchers are mounted on the rear of the combat module along its edges, both installations have two launches, which ultimately gives the FFVD 4 launches.


FFVD at the AUSA 2019 military convencion, US.



Length - 5.32 m ?

Width - 2.69 m ?

Height - 2.5 m hull height + N/A turret

Weight - ~ 16.6 t. (Approximate) ?


Engine - Detroit Diesel 6V53T: 275 hp (205 kw), 6 cylinder, V-type turbocharged, 2 cycle diesel ?

Transmission - Allison X200-4 series hydromechanical cross drive ?

Power To Weight Ratio - 17.19 hp/t

Top Road Speed - 64 km/h

Suspension Type - torsion bar

Road Range - 483 km (300 ml)


Main Gun - Bushmaster II Mk.44, 30mm autocannon.

Secondary Weapons - 7.62mm Machine Gun (FN MAG-60 ?)

Ammunition Storage - N/A
Ammo storage in hull - N/A


Armor Type - Aluminium Alloy + modular spaced armor
APS- Yes, Type: Hard Kill, Name: Iron Fist, Horizontal Coverage: 360°, Launches: 4.




Drone Operator ( optional )

Total - 2 ( 3 optionally )



FFVD at AUSA 2019.

FFVD being transported somewhere in th US.

scale_1200 karmel1.jpg E1rbs2vWUAYlJ-4.jpg


FFVD at a testing ground in Israel.




Pictures from above.


FFVD and its competitors at CARMEL program trials, prototype in the middle from RAFAEL and to the right prototype from IAI.

Conclusions and final words:

As i said earlier in many of mine suggestions, Israel lacks in support vehicles ( TD, LT, IFV ). Thanks to the work of our community, a lot of interesting equipment was dug up, which is usually hard to stumble upon. Everyone who made an suggestions on the Israeli vehicles knows how difficult it is to find information on it, especially when it comes to support vehicles of IFV and LT type. To this point almost all of modern Israeli IFVs suggested have Spike ATGM as their secondary armament, Spike is a powerful ATGM that gives to a vehicle huge advantages even in the most basic variations of it.That’s why these vehicle would probably sit at 9.7 br and higher, because of that FFVD is the best choice as a mid tier IFV, On the one side it has many modern technologies, but on the other it has nothing to crazy in terms of firepower. So it’ll be perfect choice for 9.0-9.3 br bracket.

If you are interested, you can look up to my preveous suggestions here .

If you noticed any mistakes in my post or you have sources with useful information please comment, since this suggestion missing many important information, simply due to lack of it and/or me struggling to find it.

Thank you and see you next time :p:


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2- Elbit Systems of America Launches Future Fighting Vehicle Demonstrator At AUSA By Julian Nettlefold

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8-M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

9( image source )-Israeli AFVs - Page 42 - Mechanized Warfare - Sturgeon's House

10( brochures ):


+1 this should definitely be added as Israel is severely lacking in the light tank department.

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Absolute KUDOS! This suggestion is very detailed and beautifully made, and your name for this vehicle is much better than what I came up with.

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Sounds like the ideal 8.7-9.0 IFV

Since it’s primary weapon is a 30mm gun and it has very good optics, I think this would be best at 9.0…maybe 9.3. Great suggestion, we need more Israeli vehicles 🫡

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yes yes yes, please add a light tank to Israel.

where is the entire list of Israeli techniques from the old forum?

Original authors have to re upload their stuff even if it got approved on old forum.

I totally support this. Israel has no IFVs right now, and this would be a great addition! +1

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It would be a really appreciated light tank even tho it would be sooooooo slow

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Really like this one +1

Very interesting vehicle and, if I’m not mistaken, this could be the first light tank with APS.
In any case, Israel needs all the light tanks it can get and this would be a good addition for rank 6.


Ngl seems really cool, some people said it should be SUB 10.0, it has a Trophy APS and probably APFSDS, SUB 10.0 would be ludicrous!

More than that. The FFVD makes use of Elbit’s new Iron Vision system, which in real life lets the commander have a 360° view of the environment through his helmet.

Ingame, this could possibly translate as 3rd person thermals, and maybe 4th generation 1920x1080 thermals.

Exactly. Just depends on (I don’t know if it’s classified or not) the generation of thermal imagers the system uses. Especially not to mention the raised APS system shown in this image to combat TDA missiles, or after the other systems have been launched.

And it’s interesting because it uses “Iron Fist” and “Trophy” APS operated by LIDAR sensors and Radar dome.

Where do you see Trophy? It only uses Iron Fist as it is a product of Elbit (and they shoehorn it wherever they can).

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That is just the radar for Iron Fist.

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Oh, I was looking at trophy on another tank and it just looked almost the exact same so I just assumed, sorry.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.