Isn't Gajins reasoning for not raising the BR level the wrong one?

So with the latest post Gajin gave their reason for not moving up the newly added planes to 12.7: because THEIR efficiency is at the level of previously introduced 12.3 planes.

Shouldnt you look at the efficiency of all the planes in the BR bracket meaning 11.3-12.3 and rather look at the efficiency of the previous introduced planes and how they are affected by the addition of new aircraft that plainly outperform them in all regards?

As a example in what world should F-4s, FGRs, Viggens and Mig 23s face Mig 29s, F-16s, F-15s, Su-27s and Gripens?


Yeah, 11.3s are barely playable at the moment

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Gaijin as usual has zero idea what they’re doing.

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Max BR both for tanks and planes should be increased to 15.0

I litteraly see F4Es while flying the F-16AJ