IS6 7.7 return back to 7.3 or swap for T29

i demand something is done at once IS6 7.7 return back to 7.3 or swap for T29

I think the Russian heavies with the 122mm are absolutely pitiful at their current BRs - but it’s clear that most of the playerbase is quite deluded regarding their performance in today’s War Thunder. It’s very unlikely that they will ever go down.

Especially considering that, with how awful they are - only experienced players would waste their time on them, keeping their statistics good enough.


I don’t think that’s how it works…

The IS-6 is a monster at 7.7. I’ve fought off 5+ people multiple times in uptiers. It 100 percent doesn’t need to go down in BR.

You can’t get a refund on a vehicle if you’ve used it in battle. They don’t swap premium vehicles either. Just learn to use the IS-6s strengths and you’ll do great.


Why do you think player perception somehow affects BRs?

I disagree. While they can’t fire any subcaliber rounds, and the reload is slow, the ability for the APHE to overpressure crewmembers shrapnel doesn’t kill is great. The HE shells can also be used to overpressure alot of different vehicles. Add in the pretty great armor profiles for those heavies and you get a powerful combination.

I feel like alot of the players in this community have a mindset that if it isn’t the best at everything, then it isn’t good. I’ve been using the Centurion Action X and Centurion Mk 5/1 as hull down monsters lately. When you dont expose the hull, they become almost invincible monsters that can only be uprooted by HEATFS. Noone appreciates this because they don’t get APHE to nuke crews and you have to seek out good positions, too much work.

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I would rather scrape the skin off my back than play the IS-6 or the IS-4M.
Slow, long reload tanks that easily get evaporated by HEATFS, much less APFSDS.

With horrible gun handling and downright unusable turret traverse speeds.

Something like an Ikv91 is far more capable in the hands of a skilled player.

Also @Laserdestroy - I took the liberty to look at your stats since you claim to have “fought off 5+ people multiple times in uptiers.” and not only are you one of the worst players I’ve ever seen, with abysmal stats and an average K/D of ~0.7 - but you don’t even have the IS-6.

I would like to hear your explanation for this. Of course, regardless - it’s pretty clear from looking at your account that your beliefs based on personal experience are certainly not to be trusted.


You also claim that the Centurion Action X is a “hull-down monster” but you have 22 deaths and 14 kills in it. That is a K/D of 0.63 and is close to you having died twice for every kill you’ve made. An absolutely abysmal performance.

Especially on a premium vehicle with no modification grind. You also don’t have the Centurion Mk.5/1. Or at least no games played in it.


Please explain what 6.3 can fight an is6?
Most 6.7 can’t fight one without pinpoint precision. Even then, most tanks are relying on APCR to try to kill the is6 turret crew one at a time (since it can’t pen the hull).

I’d rather have the is6 be bad and have functional 6.3 and 6.7 games. A 7.3 IS6 is just going to ruin a whole BR range for everyone who gets upteired into it. When the IS6 came out it was easily the worst time period in WT’s history. 70% of russian teams at that BR range were IS6s and it had >80% win rate back when thunderskill actually had its full API functioning.


I don’t know why you instantly defer to vehicles the IS-6 is fighting in a full downtier. You’re fighting predominately 7.0-7.7 vehicles in a 7.3 vehicle.

Also, something like the 6.3 British Ratel 90 or M109G can easily instakill the IS-6. The Ratel downright doesn’t even need to aim. Most of their vehicles have APDS that will easily go through its mantlet, as well.

And so on. Again - it’s very clear that this entire thing is based on player delusion around these vehicles due to the many scare campaigns around them.

Something like a Maus is much, much better at 7.7. Infinitely more survivable with its 6 crew that are spaced unlike the tightly packed 4 crew on the Russian vehicles, and with a much better gun. And a Maus certainly doesn’t deserve to be 8.0.

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Also, here’s one of the main reasons why people seem to turn their brain off thinking about these vehicles:

Hello? You’re talking about something that happened 6 years ago. The game is completely different in every way now. Not just the vehicles, but BRs, player knowledge and tools available. The Leopard 1 used to be the top tier vehicle for Germany back in the day. Are you insane?

I’m glad I’m a terrible player. Because my stats should also show that I have 1/3 the amount of Ground realistic play time and comparable (a tad more) Air RB time, I have 276 spaded vehicles over all nations and game modes, I have more vehicles unlocked in the big 3 trees than you do with all nations combined, and only have 1 vehicle with over 200 games. When compared to your stats, I don’t sit and use the same vehicles at the same brs non-stop, so I am not as good because I don’t spend my time mastering one vehicle. I spade vehicles and move on. I can see that you do not, and spend much, much more time with specific vehicles without progressing for everything. I enjoy the game differently than you, and have different goals.

On to the IS-6. I hate to tell you, but you’re wrong. I very much have the IS-6, and you made a common mistake. The account I use for the forums is my Xbox clone from my account transfer. I had made suggestions prior to transfers opening up, and I use this account because of that. Feel free to see my current stats as Laserdestroy, not as Laserdestroy@live.

I have more experience in Warthunder as a game than you do. My stats prove that I am a much more broad player. I have more experience than you in a much more broad set of vehicles in about half the play time. I could go so far to say your expertise is limited to a very small amount of vehicles. I don’t care very much about that though because everyone’s experiences are different, and no single person knows all.

Wrong again. You can go check my actual stats like mentioned above.

Now let’s talk about you. Your service record shows you don’t have the IS-6 or T-29, so why are you even here to talk about things you have no experience in? Isn’t that what you tried to say when you said I didn’t have the IS-6? Your top Russian vehicle is the Premium T-55, you haven’t even played any of the tree. Your best vehicle is the Ru-251, a HEATFS flinger that faces the helpless late WW2/Post War heavies, super skilled power move right there. I have more RP gained with one aircraft than you do with ALL of your aircraft combined, even though our play time in Air is similar. You probably haven’t fired a single air to air missile yet. I’d stomp your teeth in in Naval, but you don’t even have any ships to play. All you do is seal club low BRs. The only exception is with China, and you don’t play anything outside of the 8.0-10 range, with a whole 6 vehicles used regularly at that range.
So next time you try to trash someone, first get the actual up to date info from their profile, then look past the little ratio’s information, and consider that not everyone cares about or strives to get good stats. I play Warthunder for enjoyment, I don’t care if I die 10 times for each kill I make, I just want to enjoy playing the vehicles that are in game.

You’ve written a lot of cope but nothing with substance.
Also, the Ru-251 is certainly not my “best vehicle” in any possible sense, and I’ve also last played it 4 years ago.

You talk about “broad experience”, but I have the US up to 11.0, China entirely ground out (a nation full of various vehicles from other trees), I’ve played many aircraft, I’ve played British vehicles and a little bit of everything else.

And I’ve done well in all of them. I’ve done many times times better than you, at least. I think your “broad experience” where you’ve done little else other than fail really doesn’t aid with what you’re saying.

And no, I do not have the IS-6. Because I’ve played vehicles such as the IS-2 (that shares the same reload, gun and gun handling - although the IS-2 arguably has better gun handling than the IS-6, and I’ve played the IS-2 at 5.7 while it is now 6.3), and I’ve played against vehicles such as the IS-6 extensively. The IS-6 is a vehicle that occupies the entire BR range of 6.7 to 8.7 so obviously if you play the game in any manner, you’re gonna see it. I also have a brain and can think logically.

I would never buy the IS-6 nor play it because I know it’s garbage.

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Oh boy, Thunderskill stats. Glad you care that your an “excellent player” and I am an “average” player. You want a cookie or something? You’re trying to brag to someone who could not care any less. Just because you take your game performance so seriously, doesn’t mean ANYONE else has to care. Also, this cool thing about experience and opinions is everyone has both. Yours isn’t any more important than anyone elses, and neither is mine. Get off your superiority high horse.


God, i’m hoping you are joking here.

6.3s and 6.7s make up the majority of the tanks in 7.3 games. You can only have 4 of the top teir of each game, meaning you wouldn’t be facing many 7.3s, you would be facing 6.7s (the most common br in the game). That means the vast majority of the enemy team CANNOT frontally pen you.

The ratel is UTTER GARBAGE. one of the worst tanks i’ve ever played. 90mm HEAT doesn’t reliably kill more than a single crew. Its slow, HUGE, and struggles with inclines.

M109 has nearly no chance of killing an IS6 frontall. You have to hit the lowest part of LFP, turret ring, or roof with a 680m/s round. Even the driver hatch is immune to HE.

You haven’t played brits if you think that the brit ~6.3 lineup is REMOTELY close to being able to take a IS6.

The delusion comes from the inexperienced IS6 drivers thinking armor should make them immune to downteir shots. Again, nearly nothing at 6.7 penetrates the IS6 without HUGE concessions that make the vehicles using them nearly non-functional. M50 and M56 are both horrific and die to MGs. Nearly no nations have good 7.0s, meaning every downteir would be you vs max 4 other 7.3s and a bunch of ppl who need good side shots to pen you. US one part 90mms can barely pen even side shots.

2017 was a long time ago, but the majority of the best tanks to fight the IS6 have been upteired or nerfed. HEATFS was as good as APHE back then. Hesh was functional and considered an above average round (until ONE patch after the IS6 where they nerfed it into its current state). Tanks like the centurion mk3 were 7.3 along with the leo, giving direct competition to the IS6. Now they are 8.0 while the IS6 is 7.7. And still you are asking for a downteir.

The Maus goes 20kph and can’t turn. The IS6 has one of the best ground pressure modifiers in the game and drives pretty close to a T54’s movement.

You do realize that your game performance is obviously going to be put into question when you’re talking about VEHICLES IN-GAME based on your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE?

You even made an ANECDOTE on how you “fought off 5+ people multiple times in uptiers”.

If you have a 0.6 K/D - that means you did poorly in the vehicle. And that you embellished your experience in a thread talking about the vehicle.


Your text wall is pointless.
I will only address this:

I have played Britain 6.3, 6.7 and 7.0 very recently as I am currently grinding out the tree at that BR right now. I had absolutely no issues destroying heavy tanks of any BR, and certainly not any Russian ones.

Although I did experience Tigers and Panthers being incredibly resilient to HESH… Very inconsistent round.

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Do you want me to find the replay? I will sort through them just to prove you wrong. Just because I do badly most of the time, doesn’t mean I can’t have really good times in one game. Statistically unlikely, but not impossible.

Lol… ‘your rebutal to my arguments aren’t valid because i can’t read’ what a great argument.

You have ~25 games as brit around 6.3 that CAN’T see the IS6. Come back when you ACTUALLY fight the tank in question.

Now say that back to yourself 5 times and think about the context of this conversation.