Is War Thunder Tanks the best game out there today?

The uncanny modeling and depiction of the tanks? Accuracy and modeling of trajectories? Inclusion of air powwer? It is frustrating at times but were lucky to have it. Otherwise we all be playing generic garbage shooters!


I’d rather play Warthunder instead of Wargaming’s titles, and I think it is much more interesting than Call Of Duty or Battlefield nowadays.


I never understood Gears or CoD. I’d rather play DOOM Eternal. I hope to get a job and buy the Series X for it next year.

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No doubt, it honestly should be way bigger than it is, but it’s pay to win and Russian bias aspects keep people from seeking it out as much as one would. I still love FPS games, Counter Strike is one of my favorites, and Fortnite was fun back in 2017, but PUBG is underrated. Still nothing matches war thunder, I found a guy on YouTube that makes cenematics from war thunder, and they look like amazing movie quality scenes.

War thunder has massive potential if the devs allow it


The best? I don’t know.
The only? Absolutely.


Are you just talking about the 3d models? Rhen sure.

Are you talking on how a tank works, then no there are aspects in WT that are less realistic than driving the tank in GTA V. Mainly mouse aim stabilizing the view of the gunner.

Because of these shortcuts gaijin took with tanks, i would say tank crew and GHPC are also very worthy contenders.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to love about WT. But if you compare the love and detail put into each vehicly type, tanks are lagging behind.

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What do you mean by that?

Sure WT has its appeal but as many games it also has quite a number of flaws embedded into it (and those are by design) that heavily hold back its potential.
Mostly relevant for Ground battles, its probably the only game i know where unlocking a new vehicle can be a bad experience as you now have no lineup and the stock grind. Not to mention that when they add a new vehicle into a line (which isnt the end of line), it can fuck your progress.

Cope harder


Used to be but not anymore
Now it more like a little bit more expensive version of World of tanks and Armored warfare combined


Nooo, my comment, it’s ruined by “COPE HARDER” T_T



No far too much wrong with the game to be even considered for that accolade.
As a pretty arcade RNG vehicle shot-em-up its ok to pass a bit of time when you are bored and that’s as good as it gets.
For getting people to part with hard cash for a few pixels it is up there with the rest of the big boys.

I just looked at the thread again and realized:

You didn’t say “the best tank game” you said war thunder tanks is the best game, like in best game overall.

Dude the tank modes aren’t even the best modes in WT. That award goes to the air modes.



IL-2 Sturmovik: Clash at Phrokorovka.

The most accurate WW2 game with tanks. It’s expensive but if you want some real tank experience, this is the game.

In other hand you have Project: Cold War, a game published by Wargaming with elements of arcade games like the latest Battlefields game (2042) but with tanks, good graphics for its style and fast gameplay. It’s on open-alpha but for now testings are closed.

And you have World of Tanks, if you want some more fun gameplay despite the blatant P2W tanks (most of them super expensive Collector) this is the game.

If you want mediocre frustrating gameplay: War Thunder.


Is War Thunder Tanks the best game out there today?

No, you can’t call it the “best”. It maybe the best “visually”, maybe, but it can never be the best because of the mind numbing grind you have to do, just to get somewhere in the game. You have to pound away at the game, not being premium, you have to put in some serious time and effort, hence, it is no good at all for the casual gamer what so ever.

If you miss a couple of days logging in because you were ill, or even in hospital, went on a family holiday, or even just a weekend away, or got married, etc, etc,… you are punished, just because you failed to log in.

I could do more examples, but already, you can’t call it the best. Being the best of average is still not “best”. It’s still average. The best looking turd is still only a turd.

I play War Thunder because it’s the least infuriating, not because it’s the best.

Despite the AI needing an overhaul, War Thunder is in a strong place with many things in development, and many strong aspects currently in place.

Especially the new diagnostic replay system brought to us last major update.

There are over half a dozen competitors to War Thunder, and all lack the feature set War Thunder has.

War Thunder is the most realistic tank game on the planet, its competitors lack the tank aiming realism of War Thunder outside World of Tanks for example.


There’s not a single one big competitor for semi realistic vehicle milsim out there.

Milsim is unrealistic 99% of the time cause they’re usually ran by military rejects. [Yes, I have exclusively bad experience with milsim groups.]

As for competitors: Air: DCS, VTOL VR, etc.
Ground: World of Tanks, GHPC [which is pretty bad competition TBH], Steel Beasts, etc.

Competition, both direct and indirect, are always taken seriously by good devs.
WoT and DCS have shaped War Thunder development, and DCS’s has been shaped by War Thunder’s development.

Then don’t put it into your lineup until you’ve unlocked another tank. When using the stock tanks take note you are no longer the big fish, and go for the assists rather than trying and failing to get the kill.

Also squad… It changes everything.