Is War Thunder Tanks the best game out there today?

But thats exactly my point.
Do you know any other game where its like "oh i unlocked the next weapon/hero/car/skill but using it is bad as i need to unlock 3 more of those first.

Technically you don’t actually have to, you just need to play more cautiously or pace yourself to use them adequately.

What I usually do is spawn my crapiest first, then use what I think is good, so I get the first spawn and death out the way, so then the team is further up, rather than being in front with the latest and best to end up seathing for the rest of the match in underpowered things.

It could be good, but things like the ever shrinking maps, assymetrical additions and compression ruin it a bit

None of the games mix arcade and sim the way War Thunder does and none of them have anywhere near the amount of vehicles features in WT.

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War Thunder doesn’t mix arcade and sim either, outside the arcade game mode itself.

RB mixes Arcade and Sim

No it doesn’t.
RB is 100% sim physics.

Outside camera, gun barrel sight, …

Sim physics, but not strictly Sim controls and features.

That’s observation improvement to make it as equal to real life training without the training as possible.
Gun barrel sight should be changed though.

I think RB strikes a perfect balance between sim and arcade gameplay. It has features of both, but it doesn’t go too far in either direction.

The control scheme is simplified, there is a tank barrel gun sight, the game modes are simple, and copied from fps games, and you have a 3rd person view.

It isn’t arcadey with features like markers, or increased tank performance, but it isn’t anywhere close to a hardcore sim, with features like realistic control schemes, fuel simulation, and a proper 1st person view.

War thunder also lacks realistic engagement types, and tank interiors.

Calling RB a sim isn’t right, but RB isn’t very arcadey either. It’s somewhere in between.

To be fair, this thread is about tanks.

The tank controls even in Sim have aspects where they are a lot less realistic than the GTA V tank controls.

What you say is only really true for air forces.

Objectively WT ground forces is still a low quality product compared to air.

That is true for SB ground as well. Only aircraft get the non simplifies controls.

None of these exist for ground forces.

Tanks have no realistic control schemeses, no fuel simulation and ninfirst person view, the view is the zoomed in 3rd person view but it isn’t first person since the commander is inside the tank.

Maybe you haven’t read the title but this is about ground forces being the best game out there.

By the way: objectively the game with the most simultaneous players recorded AFAIK was Minecraft, so since very few objective criteria for best game exists, most played seems reasonable. By that metric war thunder ground forces is not the best game.

It isn’t even the best gamemode since air forces is played more than ground forces by a small margin but it is.

Controls are irrelevant to realism unless they’re too clunky.
For example Arma controls are 100% clunky and thus “arcade”.

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Lol no.

That’s just wrong.
Realiism is the physically correct depiction of an object. If you have controls for an object that are physically impossible like mouse aim that needs a screen reference point to work, where there is no screen in real life, then it is completely unrealistic.

Stop lying.

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Did I say it wasn’t about tanks?

No. The only thing that makes GTA tanks more realistic is barrel collision and if you played that game you know how realistic the barrel physics in GTA are.

Both air and ground are in between games like Battlefield/GTA and GHPC/DCS when it comes to realism.

Controlling a 5 crewmember vehicle by a single person is unrealistic and could easily be considered “arcade”. Same with aircraft controls and gunner operation.

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I am the commander, until he gets knocked, then I’m just the leader.

Much the same as any third person shooter, I hold your head, and click my fingers and you fire.

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I hate to break it to you but, you are playing a generic garbage shooter… in tanks.
Yeah the modelling is good, about the only redeeming feature, but the game play is about as realistic as a Looney-Tunes cartoon, and the game structure itself is toxic AF.
While yeah, its the best in the market, it also prevents anything better from replacing it.

No, that’s re fully relevant to realism. Clunkiness is just a limitation of keyboards/controllers.

I know this isn’t completely tank related, but what’s more realistic, fully simulating a manual transmission in a car, or simplifying one to not require a clutch or complex drivetrain simulation?

War thunders drivetrain and transmission simulation isn’t very good to begin with. It doesn’t simulate torque converters (very game games do tbf), it doesn’t simulate torque, differentials, clutches, or regen steering.

Except it’s perfectly realistic, cause War Thunder is the closest to how tanks operate IRL.
Tanks in all other games are significantly slower than their real life counterparts.
War Thunder’s tanks are only slightly slower than their real life counterparts.

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