Is this game still the same?

I’ve been a fan of this game for a long time, but it’s getting a lot worse over the years, or I’m getting old and demanding, but one thing I’ve noticed is that 90% of battles end this way, with one team having a lot of tickets and the other defeated. , there is no balance, the maps are rubbish and the immersion is zero, the only thing they fixed was the economy, but the research is rubbish, I wonder if the old developers are still at gaijim


i feel the same, i’ve been playing since 2019 and seen it decline in immersion and level playing field. though im not as negative in the sense i do completely agree with you.


after all, a plane game can crash once in flight

every update the game go to be more frustating, i think they know that, and they use war thunder like a lemon to crush=money. they ignore all issues and they kidding who report problems and bugs


That’s a really good point. Close matches are extremely rare anymore. That could be the matchmaking or the map. Personally I feel like it’s mainly the maps. Some maps give massive advantages to one side and not other from what I have seen.


War Thunder is just a random luck vehicular version of Fortnite now. Your team loses in the first 10 minutes and you can’t win even if you cap 4 points and get 14 kills zero deaths. Might as well play call of duty.


Welp. then go play COD xD

Very surprised Admin have not close this topic due it being a duplicate thread.So many posts like this one made recently.
Anybody care to actually elaborate on why they feel the game has changed before admin shut it all down? When did it go sour and why?

What tier or BR do you mean?

don’t worry! They’ll be by shortly I’m sure

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Because Gaijin has taken what WAS at one stage at least something that remotely resembled a team game and made it 100% an individual game with 15 individuals on each side all with completely different goals and agendas. Nobody gives a toss about strategy, tactics or even winning or losing as long as they complete their goal. Whether that be daily or special tasks, grinding a particular vehicle, spading a vehicle. Whatever.

Add to that the fact that Gaijin is also forcing players straight down the middle of more and more maps in order to force brawling to keep games and queue times short and you’re left with what the game has become (ground battles anyway). A bunch of Lemmings ploughing straight up the middle, maybe getting a kill or two, dying and leaving with most matches being over in a few minutes with ZERO sense of engagement or achievement. Rinse and repeat. What an utter waste of what COULD be a decent game.

They might as well make it a single player game with the rest of the slots being bots on both sides. At least that way the bots could be programmed not to one death leave and the teams would be evenly balanced apart from the human. Bots would also have more of a clue than the current average WT player, most of whom have zero idea.


I think that the state of the game is not only due to the choices of the devs. For the past 1 or 2 years, I have found that the players are getting worse and worse. I have stopped counting the number of times my allies have simply committed suicide in front of me by exposing themselves and then starting to insult everyone in the chat. I think the game is becoming more popular and many people play it without thinking, which can be frustrating for people like us who love this game. and unfortunately having this kind of team completely destroys the immersion

This is why I mainly play in simulator mode currently. it’s the only mode in which you can have a thoughtful discussion with other players and a real feeling of mutual assistance and reflection in the teams.


A game for everyone is a game for no one.


Sure, but isn’t that War Thunders ultimate strength?

The gamemodes?

Want an action shooter with planes? Play Air AB.
Want a flight sim? Play Air SB.
Don’t know whether you are boy or girl? Air RB.
Escaped an insane asylum? Ground battles.

Joking aside. Something for everyone can work very well if there are multiple somethings.

Most complaints come from ground forces players. And the complaints here say that the game has become more arcadey. While i cannot agree with that as a mostly air SB player, i can see the issue of ground forces being very samey regardless whether you play AB RB or SB… However this was always the case.

It’s not.

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Care to explain to me how Air Sim is a game for everyone that becomes a game for noone?

It’s not a mode.

It’s the whole game itself over the last years. Brutal monetizing everything. Using all the tricks you can legally do. Trying to pick up all the 13 year olds with moms and dads credit cards. Making the game more arcady trying to keep those people etc.

Players will not stay in your game because of the number of modes your game has.


How do you know? You almost exclusively play ground RB. There is more to War Thunder than GRB.

The monetization hasn’t really changed over the years. In the first year it was way cheaper, sure but after that it became rather constant.

The game has not become more arcadey. It just didn’t. Ground battles have always been an arcade shooter. You got rose tinted glasses nothing more.

Or are you able to tell me what has gotten more arcadey in air sim (the only not-arcade mode that ever existed in WT)?

Not the numbers are important, but the niches they pander to. You can direct AB to action shooter players and sim to flight sim enthusiasts. All in the same game you get twi entirely different audiences.
They failed that with tanks, which seems to be the reason you don’t recognise it.

You almost answered your own questions. So the conversation is finished.

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Far worse now ,Ground RB is planes,planes,planes

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Game for CAS enjoyers is game for none as well.