Is there any way to Disable "Press N for Nightvision" from the HUD?

As mentioned in the title, I’m trying to find a way to disable this prompt.

It’s really bugging me when I use the F-16 and I try to read the gauges in the center console in VR (in VR, the prompt has a fixed point and to avoid it, you must look at the gauges from a weird angle).

I tried setting the HUD* to “Only necessary” and “Minimal”, but the prompt is still there.

*Options > Battle Interface > HUD

Keep in mind that in the VR Environment, the prompt is projected into both eyes and thus obscures more of the console than seen in the screenshot.


If you don’t intend to or rarely use change the keybind to some out of the way keyboard combo. ie; Alt+sumthing. That will make those nags go away.

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I’ll try it out. BRB

Well, that sadly didn’t work :(

Seems like a bug.

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I don’t think so. It‘s the same on all Aircraft that have NVGs (A10 for example).

What if you disable the NVG “mod” in mods?

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I don‘t even have it yet :/

I only recently purchased the F-16C and am currently grinding through it.

Seems like a bug to me. Changing the NVG keybind changed the key in the nag or no?
I’m sure a hi tier sim player will be along shortly.

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Not really a bug, this was added a while back.

You CAN disable it (Battle Interface/Show action bar, if I remember correctly), but then you disable it also for tanks and ships, where those icons are more useful.

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Thank you for the effort nonetheless o7

Thank you T_T

Since I only fly, that should not be an issue :D

Same here, haha!

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I agree the prompt is annoying and unneeded. Imagine if we had prompts for everything we could press to do something?

All the other UI elements are nicely placed outside center view in VR but this thing is right dab in the way.

Also are all the other prompts at the bottom. I know I don’t have thrust vectoring and wing sweep abilities in my F-16. Those prompts should either be moved to the side or just not pop up in the first place.

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That F-16 seems familiar :)

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