Is there any way for Gaijin to bring phanter2 back?

Talking with some friends the topic came up that they should bring back the Phanter 2 with an event like they did with the Maus, And we talked about how they should make each year a different vehicle, for example, one year it would be the Phanter2, the next the PO-2, and the next the Coelian,And so that new players can have exclusive and rare vehicles, because adding Maus every year makes you lose the feeling that you have a very rare vehicle.


It won’t come back, because the variant in the game never existed in real life.


easy fix would be

  1. panther 2 hull (did exist) and the designed ‘schmalturm’ turret(also existed separately)
  2. panther 2 hull (did exist) and the normal panther G turret

A corrected Panther II would barely be an improvement over the Panther G or F.

disclaimer that the post above is entirely the posters opinion

The long 88 doesn’t feasibly fit in any existing Panther turret and the in-game Panther II uses the engine and transmission from the Tiger II, which is also incorrect.

i wasnt talking about that gun at all.
we know. so just get the panther F turret and gun on the IRL panther II hull. thats most historically accurate

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so you’d end up with a F with slightly thicker hull armour


is it better than the current top panther?

hull existed since was made.
why u crying?
turret exited seperately.
long 88 was just a proposal
turret was designed with long 75.
so we get panther II with Schmalturm turret and 75 gun.
most accurate

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I’m still asking why people love to say: “Why are you crying?”, but no problem. Following your logic, Gaijin can add P30/43 because the 105 mm cannon was in use and also the coaxial machine gun.

having a gun made vs the hull and turret and gun and literally every other component made IRLis different to a paper design using existing weapons

It still wasn’t made. Hull and turret seperately as you said.

I don’t know but gaijin have to give me Panther II, I have all rare WW2 germans tanks except Panther II, gaijin removed it from me even with RP spent on it, this is unacceptable and as an old WT player I really want to have it !

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And I really want iS7 but guess what? I’ll never have it. And if you were old wt player, you would have your panther II.
I didn’t even play germany, but when I’ve heard the news, I’ve grinded the whole tree to get those 3 vehicels, so if you really wanted, you had the time to grab it.
Between me and you, that vehicle is not even that great. Replacement tank *undertiered M48 at 7.0 * is much better vehicle, I know that cause I have both and I have spaded both.


bruh idk what ur definition of ‘made’ is but that is literally what being made is called.
assembled? maybe not fully but made regardless.
this actually fulfills gaijins criteria

All three will come back. Original and unchanged. Because they were made for WT atleast, and freely offered to players of whom some are allowed to use them like any other vehicle. It is obvious that such unfair, hypocritical double standard cannot be allowed to endure.

You can save up your money on the market like I did. IS-7 really does not compare in this situation.

I would be okay with that but OP wont because he wants the old fake panther 2 and nothing else. He is a German ground main who must think that those removed tanks are op or something with how badly he wants them.

The fact some of use even have it is what is fair. Gaijin could of easily removed it from the files but they were nice enough to allow us to keep them.