Is there a way to sort/prioritize modules in field repairs?

…as in, “fix the gun first you dummies and forget about the bloody tracks?”


I insist, is there a way to tell the crew to gloriously repair the glorious gun so we can gloriously kill that fool sitting ahead and shooting at our tracks and think about fixing mobility later, if at all?

No need to fix the engine. No need to fix the turret. No need to fix the… machineguns?? WTF?

Just. Fix. The. Gun. And send 105 mm of hate into that pester. THEN we can fix everything else that guy is shooting one module at a time.

(I have a replay saved in case anyone wants to see why the gun SHOULD NOT be the LAST module to fix. Just give instructions how to share and there you’ll appreciate the utter nonsense I endured for two minutes until a friendly finished the other guy)