Is there a reason why top tier Air SB is dead?

As per the tittle, I really hate to use the word dead. but I don’t know what to say about it. I love SB alot! but it literally took me 40 mins to find a room for top tier.
is there a reason why players dont like it?
how can we give it some love?

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Generally, SB are the least popular and least played game mode of any mode. I would say WT really shines more as a game then a sim, and if you’re really enjoying sim style aerial combat, there are better games then WT on the market, but if you enjoy semi-sim /more entertaining game style, there is nothing better then WT.

why would you play Top tier Air in Warthunder when DCS does the same thing 80% better

the lower and mid Tiers are where WT sim is nice

  1. Because you have to be a grizzled veteran to even start playing it if you don’t want to be completely in the dark about what the hell’s going on around you 85% of the time. Once you are an ace already, you know the flow and the “rules” of how dogfighting works to have a mental map of what’s happening, and that’s fine, but that still instantly removes like 95% of the playerbase.

  2. For the remaining 5%, another bunch of them don’t have the money to buy $500 worth of gear to have a P2W (or pay to keep up) advantage from expensive hardware, so let’s say 1%.

  3. A lot of the remaining 1% as mentioned by others have strong competition from other simulator games so may not choose WT.

Edit, 4: Of those remaining, most aren’t willing to wait 40 minutes so will leave and play a different game or ARB even if they passed all the other requirements (critical mass feedback loop issue)

I feel I am the cause, sorry, not sorry…

I have a laptop that is over 6 to 7 years old, a mouse that I bought a couple of years ago where even the rubber for the scroll wheel is now gone and I need to clean it here and there due to it being a 20-dollar mouse. I use relative controls, no VR. Aside from that, you do not need to be a Veteran of this infinite never never-ending war. To learn how to play Simulator battles. You primarily need common sense or pressing a tab called player servers/player list.

I have been grinding since May 30th, 2017. So I’m experienced, but it doesn’t mean I don’t learn some new tricks. In the area that says “Pay 2 win,” I hope you realize that all premiums are often worse than their tech tree counterparts. Since Pay to win means having an advantage over your adversary which isn’t the case. It’s PTP=>Pay to progress or GTP=Grind to progress.

The p2w in question was HOTAS and head trackers etc, not premium vehicles.

You don’t physically need them to control the airplane, but they are an obvious advantage so p2w

That isn’t a pay to win though you’re also more limited on what you can do with it. Mind you motion sickness and “artificial G force” hit you because the brain is unable to comprehend that you are in a video game. So those doing VR often feel things those who have only a mouse and keyboard do not. Another thing Pay To Win would imply is that the game developers added it to the game which you have to pay for to have an advantage.

Primary Example: World Of Tanks, Artillery gives you an RTS like POV where the rounds will hit that is P2W, Since that involves real money and is something the game developers purposely added. VR does not follow those same rules since you are paying for something developers do not own. Such as VR headsets they don’t own them its just a feature they added for those who play.

Then those people wouldn’t use it. Those who don’t have much problem will, and they will win more often. So yes, it’s obviously P2W. It doesn’t have to make ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of people win more to be P2W in general…

And although I wasn’t talking about it originally, premium vehicles are still somewhat P2W, simply because they come spaded. So you skip the hundred battles you would have done worse in getting to spaded status, and thus win more. As are crew skills. I wasn’t focusing on these though because they aren’t specific to simulator mode unlike the first thing.

Did you pay to use the VR feature? does Gaijin own the VR headset?. No? then it is not P2W. But by all means keep claiming this logic its getting you far and so off topic.

Yes, obviously… VR headsets are expensive. Do you think people find them in bushes or something?

Bushes could be seen as a “P2W” feature before they were destructible via tank shells, artillery, plane strafe, bombing, etc. As it gave an unfair advantage in the game. But VR heads do not.
Another thing Gaijin does not own VR headsets, you made that choice to sought one out.

So I’ll phrase myself one last time, Pay To Win implies to the game, not anything that is external, which means your buying a VR headset is externally->Real world which does not count and only makes you devalid your claims.

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Nice to see you once more Doc, how’s the flying?

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The term is not “Pay to win with the developer profiting specifically”. That would be “P2WWTDPS”

The term is “Pay to win”

  1. Did you pay money? (Yes, for a VR headset)

  2. Did you win more? (Yes, most people who aren’t motion sick do win more)

= P2W

And yes bushes are also P2W (still are, just less so, since you still get an advantage prior to them being shot off, especially if they prevent you being noticed so the other person doesn’t KNOW to shoot them off)

Note that for VR headsets, I didn’t even say Gaijin could have done better. Maybe they couldn’t have done any better for a simulator game. That’s fine. Even if there was no wrongdoing, though, it’s still P2W. And that turns away a lot of players, thus answering in part the OP’s question. Formula 1 Racing is also P2W, and there’s not really any way it couldn’t be. People still find it fun to watch, but it heavily limits the potential competitors that can enter.

The more I speak to you the more I get a growing headache and understand Babo.

That’s rather alarming if discussing a 3 word phrase, that means literally exactly what it says at face value, gives you a headache.

500$ is pretty cheap for a good HOTAS

VR is a heavy advantage too and that costs another 500 too

in the end Air Sims aren’t for everyone and Warthunder Air sim really shines only in the Early Jet era and maybe in the Prop eras too but there it gets competition from IL2: Sturmovik

My first HOTAS I got second hand for £20, worked great. Not too mention how cheaply you can just pick up an Xbox controller if needs be.

I know that its possible but there is a serios advantage with a good HOTAS

The difference between HOTAS and No HOTAS is pretty big. But the difference between a decent but cheap one and a top end HOTAS though is quite minimal.

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