Is the Tornado GR.1 worth it?

Air Simulator battles. So challengers not really relevant :P

Though Gr7 is a good jet even in ASB.

Yeah, I think I might just stick to the Phantom for now, it brings me more SL as well.

Yeah, low repair costs and high SL gains make it great for passive grinding SLs, and you need a lot if you want to buy the Gr1 and F3 in the near future.

Sorry I didn’t see this topic was in simulator battles.

The Tornado has the speed to get around sim maps, and the fuel for sustained afterburner usage.
For air sim I would presume the Phantoms would be your best bet for multirole fighter-bomber usage. I would only use the Tornado over it if you want to go full bomb-truck mode whilst still having some ability to defend yourself in the air.

Definitely a better choice now you mention the spawn cost, In a 2 hour match I got 150k SL and 30,000 RP, I know I probably would have made more in ARB, but I would’ve gotten more frustrated

Yeah, I’ve just always loved the Tornado and was wondering if it would help me grind the rest of the British tree (as well as in future)

You mentioned you have the F-4J(UK) - as a premium nothing will come close to that in terms of how quickly you can grind the tree (and also how much SL you’ll make doing it).

Yeah, thats why I favour ASB. I hate the spawn, isntant melee then either die or start again. I like the slower pace in ASB. I have time to think. Though the recent spawn cost nerfs have helped a lot. Buc use to be 33k to spawn. You’d have to stay alive for something like 18 miniutes to break even, so that was 2 full sorties.

Die a few times and you’d go broke. Now its a LOT more reasonable. If you are base bombing and being smart about it, you can always turn a profit

Oh yeah I get that, but the Tornado is rank 8, so when rank 9 comes out (as I am sure it will) I won’t be able to use the Phantom

Yeah definitely, and would it be worth playing with a squaddie to get the teamwork bonus? Or is that just not worth it.

That being said. Grinding out the tree in something you actually love to play and would play regardless of whether or not you are grinding something feels SO much better than flying something you dont like purely because its premium. I have a few, a did a lot of grinding in the harrier gr1. As soon as I got the Harrier Gr7. I barely touched the Gr1 again. Even though I could make a lot more SLs in the Harrier Gr1.

I did a lot of the naval tree in the Hood. Getting too the hood sucked, but once in it and just playing NRB in the hood for the fun of it I found the entire tree was done pretty quickly, without me even realising it

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Yet another reason I want the Tornado ahaha. The Phantom looks nice, but it gets pretty boring after a while. I can never get tired of the speed of the Tornado or how beautiful it looks, it’s just so amazing :))

Yeah, I got totally bored of the FGR2. Swapping to the FG1 for carrier take-offs and landing helped a bit, but swapped to the Jagaurs for quite a while. Then I got the Harrier Gr1. Was fun, but had its issues back then (ASB was 9.7-11.3)

But yeah, Tornado Gr1 can be a little frustrating at times, but that is nothing to do with the Gr1. More SB issues. That being said, I always love taking it out for a spin. I get bored of the Torando F3 or Buc after about 45 mins. I can fly the Gr1 for hours. Though when its actually finished (Full CM counts, ECM, Cluster weapons, Ground mapping radar, etc) its going to be awesome.

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Oh yeah I hated flying my MiG-21 (No flares and only 10g missiles) against MiG-29 and F-14s, that sucked. The one thing I don’t like about the Marineflieger is the fact that the Kormorans don’t work, I can’t lock onto any ships, and they do very minimal damage

rank 9 shouldn’t be coming for some time I hope haha
But yeah in that case I would suggest the Tornado F.3 to be honest. It’s a strong fighter with the radar now at 11.3 which makes up for the flight model downfalls.

11.7 in ASB

and SL/RP grinding in ASB in a pure A2A jet is a lot harder beacuse its incredibly difficult to maintain a high activity time.

it will likely come out in 2 years or so I would reckon

Yeah, ASMs were an interesting choice to add so early. But I think I know what the issue is with the Kormorans missing all the time, its the same problem any guided weapons have against ships. They lock onto the “centre” of the vessel and not the water line where they would be most effective. Also damage models just dont work right on naval ships to model something like an ASM. Ships can magically repair the damage that should sink them.

Im hoping they totally overhaul/replace the radar in the Tornado IDSs (all have the exact same radar and that should hopefully fix the locking on issues

I’ve been thinking about buying the MFG at some point. It would add an interesting alternative to the Gr1, esepecially on those 11.3-12.0 days that kinda suck in the Gr1.

I could potentially see them adding anything designed for Fox 3 straight to rank 9. So maybe less than year. Rank 7, at least for britain is only 1 row of aircraft and most Fox 3 carriers are probably going to be 12-12.3 minimum. So something like the SHar FA2 which I reckon could be added this year, may very well be rank 9

I can’t lock onto anything in general, only aircraft which I don’t need to point out is pointless for the ASM. It would be nice if I could A: lock ships and B: sink them.

The Marineflieger is a great aircraft but my only problem with it is the lack of guided missiles (I know it’s a naval variant). If they fixed the ASM I would play it a lot more.