Is the m1 KVT good and worth it?

Hello i have stoped useing my playstation acount bc it was irritating to log into, so i am on a pretty new steam acount. A have tried the swedish airforce and is not the biggest fan of it, I am looking at the US thech tree but i dont have jets yet but, I want to get a ground top tier vechle and i would be able to buy a heli with the money that comes with the pack. But what do you guys think?


Never buy into high tier with under-leveled crew and lacking experience.

You will be a burden on your team and yourself.


Hello, first, I would not pay too much attention to the post above. Not only does he not answer your question, he is clearly offering his bias opinion of his preferred gameplay.
I would also reconsider going to steam. Also know if you transfer your account from PS, Gaijin no longer allows you to transfer your account. My biggest issue with Gaijin right now.
As far as the KVT… Yes, I think it’s a great US tank to grind with. I basiically ground the entire US tree in a month with the KVT and the AIM. KVT at 10.3 has decent ammo and the armor, cough cough, well iit’s a US tank. The best thing about the KVT is it’s maneurability. As a new player you should be advancing slowly as you learn, but it’s quick to get you out of trouble.
Let us not forget the main purpose of buying a premium is too speed up the grind, and there is nothing wrong with that.

the 105mm gun’s postpen sucks, It made me realize how great my DM53s actually are

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What tank at 10.3 has the DM53?

but even 2a4’s Dm33s are still better because the gun is 120mm, postpen damage depends on the caliber size to some extent

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I couldn’t even count how many times I shot t72’s lower front plant and only kills the driver/fuel tank recently

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We all know the US military is weak, right? … I agree, I love the DM’s as well, but I think the OP wants to grind the US tree, and if he’s new, I think the KVT is a nice tank. Let’s face it, the US top tiier iis not musch better.

Even I stay away from hightier because you need a good level of skill.
I find it strange to talk about how good a tank is when you’ve only shot down 28 enemies in 344 rounds.
Do as you think. If you enjoy it that much. It would be nothing for me. But it is also a good example of why you should perhaps do things differently.

M1 KVT is probably not the best buy for somebody that doesn’t have a high rank vehicle, and it isn’t a great buy in general.

  1. Buying your way into high tier when you lack a supporting lineup is unlikely to lead to a good gameplay experience.

  2. The M1 KVT is not unique, it’s just a cosmetically different version of an existing free tech tree vehicle, the M1 Abrams, so it’s the same as a vehicle you could get while playing the game normally.

  3. This last one may or may not apply, but if you care about competitiveness or “the meta” it’s a poor buy that is likely to get worse in the future in this regard, 10.3 USA is filled with poor teams comprised of all premiums, generally ones that are fine in a vacuum, but worse than their contemporaries in other nations, so you won’t be winning a lot of games.


it’s just that russian drivers are made out of DU and their orthodox priests blessed them with divine blowout panels so their ammo racks won’t explode

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I guess you wanted to reply to another person?

Yeah, I am just trying to keep it on OP and help out a brother?

Jumping to top tier has lead you to being killed 15 times for one kill. And you reccomend that to the OP as way to go?


I hear this opinion a lot. I have been playing this game for 4 months now. I have ground top tiier in US and USSR, and I am just breaking into top tier now in Germany. Did I get my a** handed to me a little bit? Yes. But hey, I am a little older in this life and the last thing I want to do is spend all my time grinding. Instead, I bought some premiums and spent some money and now I am starting to win some battles. Am I getting 10 kills a battle yet? No. But Im having fun and still living my life. So in conclusion, all the veteran players that told me to not buy premiums because of my skill level… well, go do your thing and quit telling new players what they should do. I am not saying you said anything bad personally, I just think it’s OK for someone to speed up the grind. It worked pretty good for me.

Most people here are a bit off to me.

The KVT isn’t the most durable tank for its BR range. It’s a Fast and Agile tank with a quick firing cannon. While you can take hits, you should not rely on your armor ever.

The problem is that buying a Top Tier premium without Top Tier experience is a bad idea. Top Tier is a whole different situation to the majority of the game’s BR ranges. If you don’t have the key binds or reaction time, it’s best for you to stay around 6.7.

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You realize that you are doing just that? Besides, the OP asked for advice!


Well again, the KVT is not top tier. And at 10.3 it brings way more RP and SL then any tank at 6.7. Let’s not forget the OP wants to grind the US tree. The KVT gives him a fast tank to do just that with. Besides, all the US tanks suk when it comes to armor, so why even focus on that?

well really, Im the only one here that’s not trying the guy how to play the game. I am just trying to answer the question he asked in the OP.

No problem with that. The most important thing is that we got enough respect for each other although we see things maybe different.

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