Is the Ki83 in it's current state not good?

It’s a good plane, but doesn’t seem to comply with the 6.0 performance. Sure it climbs good, sure it has “good” guns, sure it is fast, but there’s almost nobody so up high and when you dive down and run away people is not going to be left behind, they can pretty much climb up with you, catch up, nose on you, and you’re a massive target that should soak ammo like a bomber but just dies in one hit. The guns while good somehow just manage to tickle small aircraft after dumping all the speed as soon as they are 100m away from your plane’s nose, guns which should be obliterating everything they touch with four hits given the current state of HEF belts and randomly give you crits that result in assists on some random enemies. It handles like a bus and has only chance for a single turn. Literally everything can do a 180 degree turn and start catching up. For a heavy fighter considered “the best” it feels pretty wack against other aircraft, especially western ones.

Right now i came from a match, using the universal belt for the 20mm and the tracer belt for the 30mm, i couldn’t take down a he162 on the first time i hit it, had to go up again, go down, shoot at it, go up again, shoot at it and disengage for a yak9ut, which i managed to just clip both wings after hitting HIS center of mass with the 30mms and then i had to head on an la9, i started shooting earlier than him and yet his shells arrived first towards me while i was going at 450kmh something; he only needed a single shell to absolutely blow up my plane and send it down to fires while a split second after I see him just simply catching a fire from a good solid 3 second burst of 30 and 20mm.

The fact that two 30mm’s will do less damage far away than two 20mm’s at the same distance is, ironic to say the less. This issue also happened with my j7w1 where i would basically tickle yak3s and 109s shooting at them point blank on their wing roots where the server replay showed nothing but light yellow patches.