Is the Ki83 in it's current state not good?

It’s a good plane, but doesn’t seem to comply with the 6.0 performance. Sure it climbs good, sure it has “good” guns, sure it is fast, but there’s almost nobody so up high and when you dive down and run away people is not going to be left behind, they can pretty much climb up with you, catch up, nose on you, and you’re a massive target that should soak ammo like a bomber but just dies in one hit. The guns while good somehow just manage to tickle small aircraft after dumping all the speed as soon as they are 100m away from your plane’s nose, guns which should be obliterating everything they touch with four hits given the current state of HEF belts and randomly give you crits that result in assists on some random enemies. It handles like a bus and has only chance for a single turn. Literally everything can do a 180 degree turn and start catching up. For a heavy fighter considered “the best” it feels pretty wack against other aircraft, especially western ones.

Right now i came from a match, using the universal belt for the 20mm and the tracer belt for the 30mm, i couldn’t take down a he162 on the first time i hit it, had to go up again, go down, shoot at it, go up again, shoot at it and disengage for a yak9ut, which i managed to just clip both wings after hitting HIS center of mass with the 30mms and then i had to head on an la9, i started shooting earlier than him and yet his shells arrived first towards me while i was going at 450kmh something; he only needed a single shell to absolutely blow up my plane and send it down to fires while a split second after I see him just simply catching a fire from a good solid 3 second burst of 30 and 20mm.

The fact that two 30mm’s will do less damage far away than two 20mm’s at the same distance is, ironic to say the less. This issue also happened with my j7w1 where i would basically tickle yak3s and 109s shooting at them point blank on their wing roots where the server replay showed nothing but light yellow patches.

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Hate that thing. You can energy trap anyone for days but by the time you’ve turned around, they’re already diving away and with more than enough speed to dodge your boaty handling.

J5N>>> you get way more maneuverability and a LOT of 20mm ammo


J5N1 is less maneuverable but has much better control dampening and doesn’t feel like a shit boat, only problem I find is that it climbs like a rank 2 BF109 and needs to wep all the time, has 30 minutes of fuel and such wep only lasts after 13 minutes, by that time you’re very light and can turn fight some stuff but got not wep left.

I don’t mind it. 13min WEP is enough for most games and 25min minimum load is a good amount. After WEP is completely out you got 5min ish fuel left. That’s all secondary to the much better roll, turn, and the amazing flaps it gets. A maneuverability fight will always end with the J5N winning.

I spaded it recently.

Considering the firepower (2x 20mms 2 x 30mms), I couldn’t believe how many crits and assists I got. It felt more like 2 x .30 cals and 2 x .50 cals.

If I was a conspiracy theorist - I’d say they have been nerfed somehow? Or maybe my aim is just bad?

The P-51H is your bane.

If they get above you, you’re in serious trouble. Which means you need to fly around at high alt searching the map incase one of them back climbed.

All in all, I’d much rather be in a 51 and have no desire to fly the 83 again.


yes, 30mm have been boofed a day after Realshatter got fixed, then reduced the tnt load and velocity. Absolute boogazooga bullets.

j5n vs ki83 is very sketchy, the j5 has to go either extremely slow or above 500 ias to win, because Ki83 has very good dominance during the first three turns. Ki83 is a bus, the tu-2s will outdogfight it all day as long as it’s not a prolonged rate fight where tu2 would simply be literally stuck and rate equally

With how much of a shitbrick the Ki 83 is, I’d take that fight at any speed lol. Flying it reminded me of the Ki 108… you’re just useless because you can’t pull into anyone to shoot them down.

When it comes to Type 5: HEF shell literally passes through planes without exploding. It also has the biggest bursting charge. But it’s useless.
APHE has 0 fuse delay and 0 fuse sensititivty which results in extremely bad performance vs targets with actual armor (if shell strikes anything before it reaches said armor - GL HF).

Ho-155 doesn’t have APHE. But it suffers from HEF being broken just the same.

And I doubt they’ll fix this. Years have passed, the IT shell for MK103 continues being an absolute non-historical, unrealistic joke and 20mm M-geschoss has been phasing through Soviet fighters without dealing any damage for years (can’t tell for how long - I was able to test it only once you could select M-geschoss in protection analysis, because for years you could only select a belt and then the shell with highest penetration was tested - so never M-geschoss).


Minengescheisse passes through any aircraft. Soviet ones have wood damage models, this means the structure is easier to pierce upon impact and thus the shell won’t detonate inside as it came out too fast.

Nope, not “any”. It explodes vs bsically all non-soviet biplanes in game. It doesn’t explode vs La-7.

Also I’m not talking about fuse delay (and your statement is absolutely wrong BTW with fuse delay of 20cm even if it struck at 800m/s relative velocity, which means closing in and point blank, it would still not exceed 40cm, also in game fuse delay is set to constant value), but fuse sensititivity the shell does not explode at all, because the fuse sensititity is set EXACTLY to the value that allows it to not explode on impact vs soviet aircraft, which is not realistic at all, especially since no other 20mm HE shell in game has similar behaviour, all others explode vs 0,1mm of steel.

Below you can see an old video, but nothing has changed since then.


once again, russian planes have wooden damage model, wood is softer and thinner than metal and it’s easier to penetrate. The tree that survives the best to the wind is the one that bends the most, not the one that tries to stand the straightest.

You have absolutely 0 idea about the topic and your statements at this point are not just “uneducated”, but ignorant and ridiculous.
Aircraft skin needs certwin levels of toughness.
There’s no proof of M-geschoss not fusing on Soviet aircraft skin. Actually they most likely fused even on fabric!
BTW do you know what La-5 and 7 were covered with? Dural. Same thing everyone else covered theor planes. Probably same applies to Yak-1/3/7/9 etc.
And in-game M-geschoss fuses on fabric covered planes just fine.

If it worked that bad IRL, don’t you think Luftwaffe would have, don’t know, maybe switched to better fuses? Damn right now japanese fuzeless exploding bullets work way better, than M-geschoss and 13mm HEIT.


idk dawg, I have very bad results with a single cannon mg151 but with the Dora everything blows up, even soviets. What I like (irony) is how you completely moved the topic about ki83 being mediocre to exclusively russian bias with MG151. Truly a main character.

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Not my fault you were deliberately making absolutely ridiculous statements. It’s pretty hard to ignore something like that.

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Wood isn’t paper or cloth. An impact fuse will have zero issues detonating on wood, which 20mm mineshells did on IL-2s.


don’t tell this man about how American props will tank six Mk103 or 100 Hispano MkV rounds and go back to repair

What. American props are typically full steel frames, wings, etc. Compared to other countries, we really don’t use SPAR.


If you fire 6 rounds and hit none

Mk103? 1 hit and they gone, 2 hits and they are disassembled.

Hispanos statement is somewhat true, they really can tank those at times, but it’s rather p47 privilege, f8f or p51 die with minimal 'spanos burst most of the time.
And even if they tank, it like, they eat 20 shells and still are alive, not a 100 by any means.

Now Ki-83 has bit more ammo.
20mm 160rpg → 200rpg
30mm 80rpg → 100rpg

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