Is the Cy-39 capable of do indeed something in air rb?

It’s in promo on Xbox, I like the plane, however I don’t know if it’s currently playable because it’s slow and my experience playing ground attackers nowadays is pretty much having the match to end before I’m able to get my targets or getting engaged half the way or having all my team killed before I reach the war zone.

And what about simulator battles? Are the Vikirs strong to ground pound or do they still have no chance against the overpower and almighty gaijin AA? Because my experience playing ground attackers on simulator battles is more frustrating than air rb as the AA can snipe you miles away before they even spawn on your sight.

Su-39 is very bad for air RB, don’t bother

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In theory it can do things in air RB, but it’s absolutely terrible at it. The R-73s are nice, but it only gets 2 of them and it’s overall a terrible plane to fly at 11.3, especially because it being 11.3 means it sees 12.3s like the F-16C, the F-15s, Mirage 4000, and the JAS 39s.

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And simulator?

No clue, I don’t play it. I am pretty sure it will still be awful though because it’s funamentally not meant to fight other planes. It’s meant to be a strike platform in ground battles.

I’d try to take it into simulator, I wouldn’t waste your time with air rb.

If you haven’t bought it, don’t.

If you have bought it, play it in sim. Vikhrs are extremely obnoxious. the targeting radar of the su39 can lock planes and fire the Vikhr without giving launch warning, meaning you can get stealth kills on planes. The R73s are also much better at 11.3 BR when you’re on a downtier day and get to fire them off without everyone knowing where you are.

It’s also a good ground attacker and base bomber.

So if you’ve already bought it, use it in sim.

But is it good a a ground attack in Sim? You know I’m in a advanced phase of war thunder life that I don’t know play for grind anymore, I just play for fun so I am looking for fun vehicles

I would only consider buying the su39 if you need a premium to grind the Russian tree. The Su-25T in the tech tree will do the same job for you without costing sixty of the king’s finest pounds.

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Thanks, you are right, fuck gaijin

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absolutely no reason to grind the tree with the crappy Su-39 when the MiG-23ML will do the same job better

Sure, but someone who plays ground rb or sim a lot might prefer the su39 over the 23ML for grinding

I don’t see why someone would enjoy torturing themselves just because they also play GRB

It’s pretty useful in ground RB

If you want to use it in grb then the su39
If air battles mig23
There done

It should get it’s R-27s IMO. Not like they’d be super deadly given the launch platform.