Is the air realistic balanced? 10.0-11.0 range

Hello guys i wan’t your opinions how you feel how balanced is 10.0-11.0 air realistic battles in my experience i don’t feel balance at all.

Kind of looks like you were on a crap team. As a team you only manage to take out six of them. But sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

It is “balanced” but the MM is garbage. The problem is the 16v16. 9/10 times one team will lose 7-8 players in under 30s while the other team loses 1-2. It’s not about skill or performance. It’s pure luck

past 25 matches im saying the same to myself but getting killed by radar missiles when my team playing 9.3-9.7 planes when enemy team play’s with phantoms,doritos,f-104’s i feel balance in every way.

You want balanced? Try 9.0 Sweden with constant uptiers against A-10s, SU25s, Mig21s, and god knows what else with no flares or air to air missiles while grinding the strike aircraft.

A-10’s literally needs nerf no matter what plane model and removal of aim-9l’s those in first place needs to be replaced.

As someone who has the both a10s it fine where its is for ground rb but air rb is a different story

Im not touching ground air it’s total dominator 3 gunpods cant take it down straight on eats r-60’s like candies just bad experience against it.

Looks like you got unlucky more than anything. but that bracket has a bit of a wierd mix of stuff that isnt that easy to balance with the current compression.

You’ve got Sub-sonics vs super-sonics
All-aspects vs no CMs
agile fighters vs ground attackers.

its all just a mess and not all nations are equal at that BR. with aircraft like the F-5C being quite strong.

Nah. It’s quite unbalanced. Not a good time.

Very unbalanced, very compressed.

Balanced? Yes.
Compressed? Also yes.