Is the aim-9L better than the aim-9m?

So a few matches yesterday and i see the missile heading toward me and it is rear aspect lock. So i cut my burner and pop flairs like it was the 4th of july while maneuvering hard to the left or right others as i keep popping flairs. The 9l still hits me like i owe it money. I thought it was something i did wrong but it happened a few times with different planes.

Did a side aspect shot just under a mile with a 9m and the other guy ,who was just about half a mile, shot two flairs and the 9m got so upset it just left like it was being cheated on. normally those side shots get me the kills but not getting great action with the 9m and may have to date its sister 9l to get the action im looking for.

anyone else having issues or just me? ( which could be the case lol )

in rear aspect they behave differently, you cant just spam flares and hope it works.
9m turns off its seeker for a sekond when it detects flares and then turns it back on to try to lock engine again. so spamming flares and turning might work for that one.
but 9L just locks to the hottest thing in seeker range so if you spam flares its just going to follow the line of flares that lead to your jet no matter if you turn or not.

of course there are always edge cases and weird behaviours but these are the general broad terms.

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just flare once and it wont be after you anymore