Is the abrams really that bad realistically?

another cope from razervon as always, u defending Russia*, u never defended Abrams maybe u will if you’re not brainwashed or an employee anymore.

Years of defending Abrams is never?
668 realistic battles in Abrams, +214 in one of the prototypes. Pretty sure I love Abrams.
Also the name’s Alvis.
Never defended Russia in my life.
The kindest thing I’ve said for Russian military equipment is “Their lack of training doesn’t bring out the benefits of the vehicles IRL.”

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Maybe if i’m used to live in this forum i would keep screenshots of u glazing gaijin and their bias towards Russia, but unfortunately i don’t.

Maybe before being an Employee maybe.

U don’t, stop lying to yourself.

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Game says I have 668 battles in all the Abrams. And 214 in one of the prototypes.


Also I am not an employee. Employees have icons next to their names as well.
On top of that, why do you keep calling Americans employees?

lemme see that winrate tho

Hey if you want to help me improve the abram’s armor please leave a link to a website on this the forum i created called armor on NATO tanks.
Here is the link

Hnnnnnggggghhh I look up his record, he is a damn good player though, seems like he played everything, Germany, USSR and USA, everything he played maintained a good KDR, unlike many players in this thread who only played one nation, which explains the perception bias.


I increased my Begleit KDR to 0.8 from 0.61 today since I haven’t actually played it actively in years.
It’ll probably be over 1:1 at some point.
I have air completed to my standards.
I have 4 tech trees to get to top on ground, and a few vehicles left of the rest to get before I feel complete there and am playing purely for enjoyment and helicopters after that.

Then why doesnt obj 292 negatively effect russian win rates at top tier?

First of all Obj292 isnt a top tier tank and for its br its basically broken, even low skill players can perform quite Well with that tank because of firepower.

Second of all i only see couple Obj292 at top tier while im playing Russians and im playing constantly because of T-90M grind which doesnt effect Russian top tier win rate overall.

Situation is not the same.

Yeah, but its used plenty in top tier and to good effect. Its perfectly vuabke there.

Only for the first couple of weeks, after that obj292 players numbers decreased rapidely at top tier.

Differences between Obj292 and other tanks is the ability to point and click, an APFSDS that can penetrate 700m or a HE shell that can easily overpressure any tank makes Obj292 relatively easy play to tank although any experienced top tier player can easily disable/one shot Obj292 because it doesnt have enough armor to survive against top tier shells.

Thats why people stopped spamming that vehicle at top tier.

The argument is “noobs” jump into top tier usa and ruin it with purchased vehicles…why then doesn’t it happen to russia with 292, 2s38, bmp2m, t80uk, moderna, turms etc… ALL used effectively in top tier while being purchasable and many 10.0?

Everything is “usable”, but lower-BR vehicles are far worse at winning matches than the at-BR vehicles.

You obviously dont play them.

Lmao, all those vehicles also shares the same fate Click-bait has.

Do you know how many rounds i Lost because of unexperienced one death leaver 2S38,BMP-2M and T80UK players at top tier yesterday? A lot.

Saying those vehicles doesnt have the same fate Click-bait has is basically lying.

Russian players doesnt even know how to deal with proper armored tanks, thats why Strv-122 and Leopard2A7V basically murders most russian teams at top tier.

He’s correct though.
Abrams are just as good in the hands of a good player as all other top MBTs.
Good players actively avoid being shot at to begin with.

You people are just in denial and do the same circular arguments. Show me top tier players who prefer abrams to all other nations.

A good player will be able to accomplish more in a 2A7V or Strv 122 though than they will in an Abrams.

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Americans are in denial? Prove it.
Or do you mean NATO fans…
Or 10 tech tree players…
Either way, prove that Americans, NATO fans, and/or 10 tech tree players are in denial.