Is the abrams really that bad realistically?

Today i decided to give a try to usa toptier after the small buff of reload but to me it is still one of the worst to play, why the highest military budget country MBT still use a 1980 armor array on hull for it latest model and doesn’t fit a spall liner inside but other metal plates who just reset spall cone and make it worse and why the weight did go up of like 10t but armor still same? Really that was a depressing experience O_O.


you have to understand that a majority of the abrams armor tech is classified so getting a realistic armor comparison in game is never going to happen.


You made the classic n.o.o.b mistake of thinking WT is realistic.

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Tbh you just need to know how to play it. Everyone complains that you cant face things head-on but you really shouldn’t play that way with any tank. Germany has always been known for having more armor then most countries in any BR. If you use the M1 like a light tank which its probably one of the fastest MBTs in its BR and you only show your turret then you should be fine.


IDK about them being bad but they taste pretty good


“Really that was a depressing experience O_O”



This fully explains why US top tier win rates are so low. People are playing the abrams like it is a tiger 1 in a 3.7 match.

I play all mbts like they have no armor and the abrams works pretty well.


Yes, they used ceramic armor on the hull through to SEP2.

Armor isn’t the same, the turret armor is over double effective of the original M1.

The reason all tanks are easier to kill is cause gunner’s optic through the gun itself.

Gaijin doesn’t think it’s bad, so… your statement makes no sense.


No its the US players that really that bad, That is why the US server is THE place to be for easy kills. "Its where the Iron crosses grow " lol


I hw e to agree with you I am a bad tank player I love planes more and on USA servers I feel unstoppable lol

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gaijin stated that they’re not happy of the abrams lately, so what are you on about?


Abrams FCS prevents the gun from depressing flat over the engine deck.
M829A2 does pen through Kontakt 5 + armor in War Thunder as it should.
DU hull armor is SEP3, as indicated by the extra 2 tons of mass as well as primary documents, which should be next on the to add list for Gaijin.
Maybe the DU turret armor we have in-game currently is bugged.
Maybe the array in SEP 1 & 2’s hull is different to previous that increases effectiveness.
Both require extra source material.


This can be turned off, and its only if its moving, nothing stops the turret from turning and firing backwards

You are wrong, and you keep repeating this same ignorant razervon. I literally just posted proof and you ignore it.




Sir, scientific proof.
Something tangible to work with.
Same way we prove Gripen can fire Python 3s and AIM-9Ms.
Photography is a valuable tool.
Granted, I doubt an opened Abrams hull is easily accessible for a photograph, but beyond a diagram from General Dynamics, that’s the alternative.

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I got 1 shot in the lfp/front drive of my m1a2 v2 at about 40 deg angle by a 2s38…took out 3 crew…SO STUPID!

That’s why I said play it like a light tank. Act as if you’re driving a open top tank and you should be fine.

Tons of gov declassified docs have been posted. They wont believe anything but classified docs which they wont use. Its a no win. I wont play anymore European developed games. Btwn the outright bias, stubborness, greedy model, and forum censorship its getting harder and harder to take.


I was capping with engi off…he pulled out from behind bldg…shot him center mass…nothing…he turreted and 2 shots…first one dead.

US developed games are not much better