Is Sicily only fully working EC map?

So today i played Sicily after long time and it seems to be fully working. Like bombers, attackers and everything spawning in regular intervals. After air superiority mission ground battles actualy start every time, when there is none superiority another one spawns.
It feels like most maps work 20% of times, there are many lobies where you enter and nothing at all starts/works.

No… I think it’s overplayed but there are several that do work - I don’t know to which degree they’re “fully” working.

Stalingrad (and winter) - Rahr and bulge work… I’m sure there’s more that work. The larger maps don’t work that well for props even when they’re working so I avoid bigger maps.

I played it in jets rarely see it its mostly Sinai, Denmark and sometimes Vietnam. Like all maps have tendency for nothing to happen at all including stalingrad. Like you do air supperiority and then nothing happens for 15 minutes untill next air superiority starts. In this match it looked like Sicily was doing everything as it should.

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Well I don’t fly in jets so that may be why our experience is different - There’s an initial lull before activity starts but I see all the missions start up… The bombers may not be doing exactly what they should though, what they don’t do is fly off the map at uncatchable speed (they usually end up circling somewhere until they’re taken out)

I wish there was a smaller version of that Rocky Canyon map because I like it but it’s too large for props.

I think they should redo EC and think about completely overhauling it - so that the objectives involve bringing players who are starting up a ground battle (therefore you’re fighting real players but those who want to fly will fly and those who want to drive wll drive).

Similarly have bombers queue up for a bomber run and then spawn a group of REAL players in the EC match.