Is RP gain bugged?

Or is it just the UI, because I can’t work out how these numbers are meant to add up:

Surely my modification research on the right should say 8,499?

Furthermore, the total 8,499 is just the total RP for the match + the skill bonus (2,833). The reward for winning (3,068) isn’t included. I’ll give GJN the benefit and assume this is an accident?


Surely Gaijin wouldn’t do something as nefarious as stealth remove the reward for winning battles RP whilst adding the skill bonus so that players wouldn’t notice @Smin1080p?..


i saw this as well…
its hopefully a mistake. but knowing how Gaijin has treated us in the past it would not surprise me if they slowly change stuff to negate the effects of ALL the positive changes over the past 6 months making it plus/minus zero in the end.


In calculation the reward for winning is already in the total rp same as it was before update and since the skill bonus is new one in this update it make sense to use old total rp calculation to add skill bonus and the number is now add up. The modification on the right only count old total RP and real modification RP on the bottom did count skill bonus in it. Also it is 9348 for smt is because mig29 have 10% bonus on research smt

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They didn’t remove anything. You’re gaslighting yourself.
The breakdown does a poor job of where RP is earned, but you get all the RP.

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I wouldn’t put it past them. The last RP adjustments/vehicle foldering were pretty much a wash. Decreases in one area were voided by increase in others.

I thought this was enough ground targets (52) for a skill bonus but apparently not. I have no idea if what I’m earning is even correct anymore but all of the RP went to convertible so I didn’t earn anything. I wish they would open source the calculations and clear the air.


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There was no decrease in RP earnings this year.
There was only a decrease in RP requirements from foldered vehicles. This is well documented.

Air RB doesn’t do ground targets, read the news article and it’s very clear what counts toward the skill bonus.

The decrease in RP requirements in “foldered” vehicles were negated by increases in other ways. For example, some tiers had RP reduced while others increased overall. Modification costs were also increased for numerous vehicles.

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So the reward for winning only applies to your time alive for RP? Why do they not break down RP the same way as SL?.. if not to make it more obscure? Why would they want to make RP gains obscure to understand?..

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There were no increases of RP requirements.
400,000 is still the maximum, and everything else only had “increases” because they went up a rank, as RP is rank based.
Modification research again wasn’t increased.

You are talking on a subject you haven’t actually researched.
You’re painting vehicles increasing in rank [a buff to those vehicles, and a buff to their earnings] as a bad thing just cause their RP requirements are accurate to everything else in that rank.
& it was done on so few vehicles that it doesn’t matter.

A 40% increase on a vehicle does matter when it wipes out the reductions for the other vehicles in that tier. Here’s the US Air tree. Look at the F-105, then look at the overall savings across the board. Every reduction was countered by an increase somewhere else across all trees.

US Air Tree RP Changes


There was no 40% increase, and no it doesn’t wipe out reductions.
F-105D is rank 7, not rank 6. Its RP is accurate.

Yes it was a typo but did you even look at the spreadsheet? At 210K SL increase amounts to 40%. An 80K RP increase amounts to 44%. That changes the rank VII “reductions” to slightly above 11% overall which is about 2 games.

And let’s use Sweden as an example. The T18B that I had a talisman on was moved to rank III which reduced RP earnings. So now I have to use rank IV planes but the J-21A-1 got a 76% RP increase. So not only did my earnings get nerfed but my required RP to use the planes in the next tier increased as well. And now that I’m at a higher tier I earn even less due to how short the matches are and the required skill level. Also the constant BR 5.3 to 6.7 uptiers don’t help.

I’m hardly anti-consumer but Gaijin is. They simply can’t allow players to succeed in any meaningful way.

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Gaijin is not anti-consumer. They are at times unknowing of situations, but that’s it.
Rewards are higher than they’ve ever been prior.
RP required is the lowest its been in years.
& you’re cherry picking 2 vehicles out of 10 - 20 just cause they were buffed in rewards & rank.

Since most players don’t get 3+ kills per game, does not seem like a good plan.

There was also several vehicles going up to rank 7 and costing a whole lot more rp and sl to get

Gaijin should’ve had Leopard 2A4, Abrams, and all other 10.3s in rank 7 from the start, but here we are.

The m1228 is 9.7 in arcade while at rank 7 but wasn’t moved down, which the arcade br of the M4A2 was used as justification of moving it down to rank 2

Nothing has been removed or decreased. Your reward for winning is exactly as it was. The skill bonus is a separate new addition that has not lead to anything being removed.

  1. Why isn’t the mod research on the right the correct number including the skill bonus?

  2. Here’s a creative writing assignment for you - why does GJN decide to not break down RP the same way as SL?