Is no one going to talk about the radar screens we saw on the update trailer?

On the Air Superiority update trailer, one of the first things we saw was a modern radar screen and an AWACS radar screen. I know this might be another one of those marketing strategies showing a mechanic that will never come to War Thunder. But it still remains a mystery to me why it was shown and no one has been talking about it.


Or they are just for cinematic purposes? Why do you need AWACS in game?

The maps arent really big enough for AWACS and would just end up being used exclusively in sim and would not add anything to other game modes. You would need DCS map sizes to make it make sense. It was basically just a cutscene for cinematic purposes.

BVR engagements baby! You too can play a whizzo spending the entire match looking down at a green phosphor screen.
War Thunder with its advanced 3D graphics evolves into… “Missile Command” the arcade game from the '80s.


I was thinking about this early this morning. It’s really not hard to implement. It’s going to happen. Not super high on the priority list I’m sure but definitely on the list.

They added destructible smoke dispensers to tanks that occasionally pop smoke when hit by incoming fire. They added warming effect to barrels making them light up like glow sticks on FLIR after firing.

They added different shapes and colors to armor perforations representing different munitions effects.

I would imagine they’re planning to get around to radar displays too. Same for low pressure vortices over the wings during high angle maneuvers. Low priority visual effect that will eventually be added.


So is that a bad thing if for a change something gets added that mostly Sim profits from.

As opposed to stuff being added that would be mainly important for Sim, but is implemented in a way so its impossible to use in Sim… (CCRP for guided bombs, for example)


Well that would be a lot of development time that is only supporting one part of the game. It wouldnt be a bad idea if the sim aspect was getting more that just a person flying and giving directions. If this was made for sim, i would expect that other features in sim would need to be updated as well. So to make use of CCRP put in a mission mode with added harden targets to have sim take full advantage of current systems in place and make better use of bombers and strike aircraft at the same time. For example In the city map there is one building that is designated as the target ( enemy intelligence HQ, terrorist HQ ect… ) City also has AA in place with hardened structures also mobile AA. Also hardened Radar installations that could be blown up. You would need fighter escort and work together to take down the main target. The opposing team would get a scramble alert to intercept incoming attack. Both would make use of AWACS and could be hunted down as well.

That would make sense to add awacs to the sim at that point but at the current state dont see how fun or relevant putting in the game now would be worth the time and money put in to implementing such a feature.

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“cinematic purposes” - there were no disclaimers in the descrpition nor the video

No disclaimers mean you will jump into conclusions? You are the type of person responsible for “no clothes drying in microwave”

It’s just cinematics man, don’t look too into it.

I have never put my clothes into the microwave. I use common sense you know? Never heard of it? I’m not surprised.

Then why arent you using common sense when watching cinematic trailer and instead jumping into conclusions that Gaijin is baiting on mechanics that will never be implemented?

Because generally trailers show whats coming to the game? Duh

Yeah generally. But this is specifically cinematic trailer. duh