Is KA-50 worth to buy?

hi I have a question to war thunder veterans and players that play a long time this game. I have WT at steam so is KA-50 worth to buy? Because I have IS-6 and im currently researching a Russian ground tree. Or i should wait to buy 2S38?

Depends on how long you play the game I would say. If you are a really good player you can play toptier from the beginning but most go too early and don’t understand the basic game mechanics.

no im almost top tier at germany so i know mechanics but i don’t know that i can research ground with helis

In simple terms, the Ka-50 and IS-6 is not a good combination.

The Ka-50 is too modern and it will take you into battles where you meet tanks that are way stronger than your IS-6.

The 2S38 is a better choice if you want something with the helicopter, it should come on sale again in late december.

i would like to buy KA-50 now because i don’t know it will be at december sale and it’s really cheap at my country currencies so i would like to buy it now and farm helis and buy 2s38 at december sale

You have just started, with a bit over 700 battles under your belt.

I STRONGLY suggest you first play more, learn the in’s and out’s of the different vehicles, nations, maps, game modes before jumping to the top tier immediately where you will face enemies with literally tens of thousands of battles and a big pool of experience.

My suggestion would be to at the beginning invest in premium time instead, as this allows you to progress quicker through all vehicles, all nations, all classes whereas with a premium vehicle, you only gain the premium boni if you play that vehicle only…

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It’s your choice, but my advice would be wait and see if it’s on sale - it’s just a few weeks now.

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yeah i think i will wait to december sale

Maybe it’s cheap now, but it can get even cheaper, and that’s good :)

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yes you’re right

Good call!

In the meantime I’d recommend researching a bit about high tier gameplay in War Thunder, it might be very different from what you’re used to.

Best of luck to you!

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thank i’ll do it snail is calling!

not anymore as it just lacks compared to other helis that got thermals while you can’t see nothing through the fog on maps

important here u got it wrong there, you can research helis with ground, you cant research ground with helis, Helis can only research other helis

KA-50 is the most OP Premium in the game right now. Followed pretty closely by the 2S38. So either option you pick will be extremely OP, Both are about 0.7 BR lower than they should be

Ka-50 is the most undertiered helicopter in the game, and it doesn’t have an identical copy in the tech tree, so from that aspect it’s worth it.

Like most russian vehicles in game, it’s extremely easy to use, the vikhrs are so OP you can almost go afk and they’ll still get you a kill. They also double up as one of the most effective a2a missiles in the game, because you know how amazing Russian military tech is.

sorry don’t know why it replied to you movran, meant to reply to the OP

The most undertiered helicopter is the G-Lynx, not the ka-50. And it isn’t the easiest to use, for a new player. (other than point and click which depends if there is an spaa)

It will be more rewarding as you progress the skill scale.

Unless you are talking about Heli pvp/pve, then yes, it out performs everything except the 52 (obviously)

  1. G-Lynx went up to 10.3 last update. It isn’t undertiered now imo. Nowhere near as criminal as the ka-50 sitting at 11.0 because ‘no thermals’.

  2. G-Lynx is identical to the tech tree lynx, so buying it only gives premium benefits/saves you the awful stock helicopter grind.

Pretty sure the Glynx is faster (iirc it held the world record for some time).

8x Hellfires + 2 mistrals + gun + highest top speed + great roll/agility.

This is not 10.3 material, imagine facing this with a 9.3 lineup


ATAS not Mistrals and because Gaijin refuses to fix them, they are basically unusable. Gun is only a 20mm so only semi good vs planes maybe, but its fixed not turreted. Only thing it has that is strong is 8x Hellfire and thermals. I dont think its any faster than the TT.

Whether or not the Lynx needs to go up is a tricky question… Maybe, maybe not. The issue though is that Britain has nothing between 10.3 and 11.3. If it moved up, it would become unusable. 10.3 is its Max BR currently. Combine with the very weak nature of Britain TT at the moment (especially at that BR with no IFV, Stormer is broken, Chally DS has wrong shells, CR1 general issues, etc) and we kinda need at least something strong to compensate a bit