Is it worth buying the A-4E when having rank 3 aviation?

I’ve been maining ground RB for a while now, which means I have not researched planes that much. Currently I am sitting on rank III. Is it worth buying the A-4E with the much lower ranks that I have or should I wait until I am at the higher ranks?

I would highly recommend against buying a squadron vehicle. You can get them over time with the squadron activity so dont use GE to buy it.

I also recommend going up the ranks in order.


Im planning only purchasing it with SL, not GE.

Ah. I would still caution against using it until you get some plane experience under your belt.

Agreed - like you say, squadron vehicles come unspaded, so you have to grind the mods.

But if it is the only squadron vehicle that you can se that might be useful then why not? You have have it sitting there for when you do come up to that level.

The A-4E is a good plane tho (as are all the A4’s IMO), so definitely one to keep in mind.

Are the jets hard to grind in RB? I know its tougher to go up against other planes with only guns but isn’t the A-4E more ideal for bombing bases and stuff like that. Your input is much appreciated.

It can do okay with bombing bases. You wouldnt be able to take out a base until you unlocked the 500lb bombs. I believe it is about 10 500s needed for a base. You can always try it in air rb and see how it does. Just do not expect too much.

There is a quirk with the a4 to keep in mind. It has a speed limiter for the flaps. This means that the flaps will not deploy above a safe speed. Good as you wont have to worry much about breaking your flaps. Bad as you will not be able to do quick flap pops to get better turning.

Strongly suggest going up through the tiers to get to jets and not just jumping straight into one at this medium level.

A4’s are good little jets - guns (gunpods are fun!), missiles (Sidewinder B - but better than nothing - one early Israeli one doesn’t get them iirc), lotsa-bombs… play Air Assault to get a few modules on board before taking it into any PvP battles.

Thank you guys. I’ll just wait until I’ve unlocked the higher rankes before i buy the A-4E

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Checked last night - the squadron a/c doesn’t get AIM-9B’s either, so is at 8.7 - still a good a/c tho.


a/c = aircraft :)

Oh, okay. If you are referring to the A4E, it does get aim9Bs. You just cant carry them with the walleyes.

oh yeah - so it does… wonder why I didn’t see them?? I have it spaded…

Odd. I honestly have not run it with aim9Bs for so long that I forget about them. It is funny how the A4E is at the same br as the B yet is just so much better with flares and walleyes.