Is It Time For More Top Tier Modern MBTs?

As we all see in the Devblog there’s a new BR 13.0 for Air Realistic Battles, but The Ground Battles are still at 11.7

Can we now focus more in adding more Modern Heavy MBTs and also IFVs for all nations, as we all aware of most nations still miss a competitive MBT and if the BR was also highered to 13.0 like Air Battles with much more advanced MBTs it would be a great addition for people to grind more.

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Just one question : how long Gaijin can do additional content if they add all that fast?


There’s alot of missing MBTs gaijin can add, the Only TOP TIER MBT that got added this update is the Hungarian 2a7 for Italy, maybe next update gaijin stop adding more aircrafts maybe add a few, but focus more on ground?

I can give few examples for few nations MBTs that can fit into 13.0

I think it should be somewhat the opposite.
As new planes are coming out, spaa able to stop them should be released alongside


Totally agree, i’m one of many people that say most of time that we really need more SPAA ingame, but when i say MBTs, IFVs i also mean SPAAs


The issue is that they’re running out of modern tanks to add
Japan already has their most modern MBT, the Type 10
US (if you don’t count the Abrams X) has SEPv3, Germany maybe KF51 and 2A8?
IMO, there’s really not much for the ground to be added anymore
Air however is still a bit ways from there but it is catching up quickly

Just my two cents


UK could get an actual Challenger 3 or a much later prototype with armour. But yeah not many left. Its the other parts of the ground trees that need fleshing out. Like IFVs, SPAAs and ATGM Launchers

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The Tanks that you mentioned can be added at 12.7? maybe 13.0, China and Russia can still get some modernized MBTs obr 2023…

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Fair point
But question is, what happens when you add those tanks?

EDIT: I sometimes get impression that (this at least is the case for air, not sure about ground) vehicle and tech introduction was rushed. Gaijin didn’t stick around to flesh out tiers before moving to greater stuff (Example F-100D and then straight to F-4C and F-4E bit later.)

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Ground additions stop and SPAAs get added to other nations, i mean yeah ground Tanks are really short, we went from WW2 tanks to now 2a7,SEPV2, and we gonna stop at kf51 and SEPV3, but yeah Aircrafts are gonna be added more and more and i wonder what BR they’re gonna get.

Totally agree, they’re rushing this stuff for some reason, such as the addition of many Modern Tanks that get added with missing alot of their armor such as the Leclerc and Ariete and also the Abrams incident.

Abrams could move up easily just by giving it M829A3, and any number of SEPv2 mods (like trophy iirc) without needing a new vehicle


Ifv - what we really need. Mbt - second option


They could split them into SEPv3, SEPv3 with trophy and SEPv4 prototype.

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We could also maybe get the Thumper as well, although I don’t know if it would actually sit very high given the 292 is at like… 10.3

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What more modern top tier MBTs? There is maybe a few left in a few countries, but most countries have their best tanks.

Would love ground RB cap to be increased, but not for the same reasons you want it. I just want decompression and rebalancing.

There really should focus way more on the gameplay, and WAY less on adding new vehicles.


The 130mm Challenger prototype seems like the next logical step.

I’m not sure if M829A3 would change things that much, you’d still largely be aiming for the same weakspots.

I’d rather see the SEP v3.

Isn’t the Thumper basically a discount CATTB?

Eventually We’ll get to the point where the CATTB could be added as the end-of-line M1.

Armour-wise the CATTB wouldn’t even change much over the existing M1A2’s and the from what I can find, the gun mounted on the physical vehicle was still a 120mm and not the 140mm.

Maybe… some debate as to whether that would actually be any good I think. But yeah, certainly could be a good addition. So long as it has armour and its not like the 3TD where the armour was removed

Japan technicly havent got their top dog MBT.
This would be Typ 10 with APS but its in Development just RN.


Type 10 (Mitsubishi Hardkill APS)

First, move these “Weak 11.7s” like Ariete, Merkava, VT4 to anywhere they should at like 11.3
Next, keep these “Normal 11.7s” like SEPv2, Leclerc or Challenger 2 at 11.7
Then, move the “Best 11.7” like Strv 122s, Leo 2A7s and T-80BVM to 12.0 or maybe 12.3
If a vehicle is obviously worse than other top tier tanks, then it shouldn’t be a top tier tank.
Not every tree need a top tier tank, especially when you move them to top tier, they can’t fight with the real top tiers