Is it the maps or the missile?

I’ve recently unlocked the SU-25T and just finished researching the Kh-29T but not the targeting pod. I’ve noticed that the missiles were often locking onto random spots on the map but not the actual targets. Is it the fault of the missiles, the maps, or the AI ground targets?

How far are you trying to lock? They should lock targets up to about 6-7km out.

I usually try to launch around 4-6km out, depending on the terrain. As I’ve said, however, the missiles sometimes try to lock onto random points. I was pointing the crosshair at a tank once, but it locked onto a tree 20m away instead. Other times, the lock just snapped onto empty fields, houses, bushes, etc. but not the intended targets.

Very odd. When i am within range, i have issues with dead tanks but not trees or fields.

When it comes to the ai ground targets in air rb, there is some desync at those ranges. Your lock will most likely not be over the tank. However, if you lock is moving, it is locked onto the tank and not the ground.