Is it about time to start merging all of these whinge and moan threads, and finally make a stance on them?

The new forums are self-moderated with the “flag post” feature, which is being misused as a “i disagree” button. I don’t think theres any moderation planned for these forums. The people in charge will not interferer, because maybe:

  • Taking a stance, i.e say “we wont remove CAS” or even lock/delete their post, then the morons saying “remove CAS!” and statshaming people might not buy a premium
  • Moderating a forum is work
  • Letting the forums go to shit is a non-issue for them
  • They have multiple communities and rather not deal with the language barrier

Even the flag system doesn’t get moderated. If your post gets flagged twice it says staff has been notified. Theres moderator looking into that.

However, I hope moderation happens in the future. The new forums really seem like a mess.

PS: I admit I posted a trash topic in the past, I wouldn’t mind if a moderator deleted it, I’m no hypocrite.


Some of the comments though, like trying to make out that changes shouldn’t/won’t be done because they’ll affect Gaijins bottom line or sellability of premiums are nonsense takes that should genuinely be shot down.

The forums are a valid avenue of communication, and if there is a language issue, then that’s not a problem for the majority of us here. Commonly what I am finding though is that some did rule on just someone using a word…

Like, one time I said about the ignorance of a player being the root of thier issues, and that was about the ignorance of the player to the mechanic they were struggling with. The player took that as offensive, and reported it and I’m sure it got removed because it was flagged.

I’d have publicly dressed them down about it because it was genuinely them being at fault.

There is a lot to it, but yes, the forums are a mess, and there are that many threads, that it’d be daunting to even have to go through and moderate anything with the sheer scale of posts and reported posts by the flagging that would need to be reviewed.

The flagging hiding anything and everything is something that absolutely needs to be reviewed, and those who abused it should be shamed directly about abusing such a feature because they aren’t here to discuss, they’re here only for an echo-chamber.

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What word is it?

There needs to be a way to flag a flagged post as a good post. Example: Your post is hidden because 2-3 people flagged it as spam. I should be able to flag it as “Not spam”, so it gets shown. Same with the like button, there needs to be a dislike button.

Same conversations, for 10 years. Will probably keep going for another 10


Complain about whine thread by making a whine thread. Listen, if you don’t like it then don’t read it. Not like Gaijin listens anyways. The only time they listened was when their wallet was threatened. Anything else they could care less about and will do what they want to. Regardless of how we feel.

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It’s about trying to convince those who have been misled about thier issues compared to not wanting to read it…

It’s very hard to punch through the void of knowledge to people about how the game works when people randomly throwout nonsense and excuses into the mix.

Unfortunately that is one of the biggest issues with games and that increases exponentially when it’s free to play. Made my own complaints and I’m sure others have made a thread already but in the end there is nothing one can do unless Gaijin makes you a moderator for these forums. But I don’t think there has been one for a while as I have not seen one respond to anything for a while now. Unless they’re lurking…

One responded on this thread if you didn’t notice…

And I don’t need to be a moderator to be taken seriously, it’s ignorance and continued avoidance that makes trouble.

If you need an actual hand or advice I’m happy to let you know more detailed things about the game. It is a STEEP learning curve, and there is a lot to the game. For instance the actual sighting mechanics explain how tanks ‘render in’ real close, but often whilst I’m explaining that sort of thing people come in and just mock the idea of it and drag the person who is seeking help off to a world of excuses.

Crew skills have a lot to do with everything, and even desync happens in many forms. Whilst I mention wifi a lot, it’s not a ‘mean’ thing or ‘dismissive’, it’s just an actual fact.

Wifi, if you’re on it, can cause you a heck of a load of grief. Even sub-par speeds or shared internet can give you real trouble.

What really gets me is that excuse feeding to players without actual regard for the players level, inexperience or even their issue in the slightest. Many just straight up blame the game for any issue they have, and pass that on to people because it validates their ignorance, because if they can get more people saying it, then it reinforces their want to blame the game.

But yea, hit me up if you want info, or point me to your thread and I’ll be happy to throw you a few pointers and leads.

(edit - lol, I remember your stop shooting me thread, that gave me a laugh… And your air dom one I chucked a bit into… Those others, didn’t see those ;))

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I know I’m not special nor should get catered to but some things… Tank battles have me scratching my head and can get frustrated with as armor seems to be very pointless tbh. The help is appreciated but there are those that will always be dumb and stubborn when it comes to learning sadly.

With the game, I always tell people to just consider that it’s so fast paced that they really need a partner. The autosquadie whilst ‘invisible’ to you, and ‘blind’ to your problems, is still someone to stick around.

It’s so fast paced that you are wise to bring your BR back a fair bit to a point where you aren’t struggling, so you can feel more for the game and notice things a bit more.

Assists are worth more than straining to get a kill, and dying in the process. Burst fire more in your planes, and with your SPAA don’t run your guns down to the point where you are reloading.

Same with tanks, don’t take a shot you don’t think will hit out of desperation because when you do, you’ll be reloading when they pop out further to pick you off.

Good music also makes the game a whole lot better.

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Something to bear in mind. Thank you for the advice.

No worries, you are the type of player I try to catch and encourage to get into the game more xD

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Every few weeks, the game introduces some change that will cause the next wave of refusal. The new clouds/weather effects come to mind.
Then the dislikers strongly reject anyone who doesn’t share their dislike AND then claim the absense of shown cloud approval as prove for “everyone hates clouds”. They don’t just want to create echo chambers, they want those echo chambers to be accepted as representative.


Yes, this is very true. I don’t really envy the devs on that one. Tbh the latest update was/is visually gorgeous, I was struck when it dropped and I jumped in game and saw it myself. I already thought WT looked visually beautiful, and I didn’t think it could get much better, and yet it did.

Filtering out the “flavour of the month” complaints from feedback is a bit of a thankless task. Then again, this is just a forum. Repetitiveness and silly discussions are par for the course.

Also Dodo, I wanted to quickly mention that when I started playing the game in 2022, after a few months I started lurking on the old forum and checking old threads for tips, thoughts, etc, and saw several posts from you which vere quite interesting. I’m glad to see you here on the new forum too.

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It doesn’t just look absolutely beautiful, it also enhances the game by making it more realistic. Like by providing some cover to less powerfull planes. It makes the game so much more enjoyable because you have to think more. And yet people complain.

Thanks man!

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This thread got purged, lol, posts deleted without notice. Very nice guys.

Just the ones that were overly abusive and unhinged… ;)

Even the mod’s post was removed

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Sorry man - but this is probably the worst example you could have picked up to support your claim.

This cloud thread is just an example of how serious troubles of some players were addressed not precise enough (like the OP) and people without any cards in Air RB feel the necessity to post their view on things despite they are not addressed in this thread.

I mean if the title says ARB (= Air RB), the OP refers to Air RB and the topic is posted in Realistic Battle sub-forum - why in gods’s name Air SB, Air AB or Ground RB players feel the need to post their thoughts despite they are off topic?

I fully agree that the OP had maybe just a bad day with using the title “Remove the clouds in ARB” and asked in his post for a complete removal - so fulfilling this type of “complaining post” what is the overall topic of this thread - but he addressed some valid issues regarding Air RB.

What happend is the topic got derailed due to off topic statements, profanities and insults like in almost every other thread, but the only guy which had more than opinions against a reducing of this heavy cloud layers / fog madness was actually a naval guy who pointed out that they weather conditions in all modes (Air/Ground/Sea) might be somehow connected.

If i read this:

you are just posting a personal opinion without any evidence that something of this happened in this thread - so again, this is not the right thread to prove your hypothesis.

No offense, but you were unable to provide such claims in this thread itself - but you post as Air Arcade pilot something about realism?

Just by looking at your vehicle stats you obviously prefer PvE actions in your matches - and clouds are fine to hide for PvE players in Air AB. There is nothing wrong with your opinion or play style, but unfortunately most of the matches in Air RB are decided by player actions in PvP fights. So just another example of an off topic claim in an Air RB thread.

And your last sentence “And yet people complain.” There is nothing wrong when people address rather unsatisfactory results of unwanted and or unasked changes within the game if they can give clear examples how their game play is affected by such changes.

If you see the player base reacting on similar changes in Air RB like this 16 vs 16 or “Real shatter 1.0” nonsense you might realize that your own pov on things (like in this thread) can’t be validated by your own view on things, you need evidence. I would be happy to see some valuable arguments applicable for Air RB in the “cloud issue” thread.

Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate most of your forum input in the recent years, but in cases like this you have to expect feedback of people able to debate based on facts and not on opinions.

Anyway - have a good one!

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My judgement of the cloud reception results mainly from the air RB chat, where these comments are frequent on clouded maps.

Also, I have not played much Air Arcade in some while, unless some task is ideal for a quick run in arcade or I have some very specific job at hand. My oppinion regarding clouds is solely based on air RB. I therefore assume that much of your other Arcade based writing can be dismissed as you base it on wrong assumptions. I will direct the remainder of my reply to other aspects you mention.

Is there? Of course, people may complain. But do they complain about something personal (me me me suffers) or something in general, where the overall concept suffers? I dare say most complains in these pages are of the me_me_me! type. Fewer are of the overall type and some of those are again hidden me_me_me! ones.

What evidence do you seek? Do you live in a cloudless place? If I look outside, I usually see many many clouds. Often I don’t see one bit of sky. In the 70ties, it was even worse, as aerosols were more abundant. And I live in one of the main potential battlefields of the cold war, reminders are all over the place. We are not arguing about the existance of clouds, are we?

You too.

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