Is Hovet's radar supposed to not be able to lock targets at 1.5km?

As per title, Hovet can’t lock a helicopter in open sight at 1.25km. Is this actually how it’s supposed to work? There are bug reports that are over a year old that are neither acknowledged nor marked as “not a bug”.


The radar tracker on that thing is atrocious, spamming lock helps usually but don’t get your hopes up that it’s going to get changed. It’s a weak vehicle I know, but the M163 in the US tree is just the same.
(And honestly, if that’s what keeps it at 7.7 I’m all fine with it tbh)


The funniest thing ever is when you spam lock, it manages to lock finally, but you press lock one more time and lose it.


Yea, the classic lmao.

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