Is grinding tanks at Rank 3+ just really slow?

So, with my sights set on getting my first radar spaa and a 7.3 German lineup, I have noticed a problem.

The grinding is incredibly slow. I make at most 2-3k a game with premium. I make double that amount every match in Air RB. It’s just feels like a slog to grind through as I’m progressing very slowly and it’s taking me up to a day to unlock a Rank 4 vehicle.

Are there any tips or tricks to this? I know that the best thing I can do is have fun while doing this, and while I am doing that, I just want some ways to get more rp.


Yes, higher you go, slower it gets. Not sure what do you mean by “up to day”. Just enjoy the matches and stop playing it like tycoon game or you will get frustrated.

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Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say up to a day to unlock one. I know I’m not supposed to play it like a tycoon, but I’d love to unlock the Ozelot, Gepard, and Gepard 1A2 within the next 2 months for a full SPAA lineup at 9.7 (probably not the smartest lineup but I love SPAA.) I just don’t know if this is achievable though and would like to somehow speed up the grind.

With how dominant cas is i’d say a spaa line up would be great, just beware of spawncampers

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