Is GRB Realistic: A more Realistic (realism) idea for CAS, Tanks and helicopters

This is not a Pro-CAS or Pro-Tank topic

I dont believe CAS is as realistic as tanks in GRB. I dont believe CAS or Tanks wouid be able to operate as it does currently in a real battle scenario with out air superiority. CAS wouid not be able to operate so close from an air base with an enemy as capable as close and tanks would not be able to do so.

I believe all vehicles CAS/ Aircraft, Tanks and helicopters in GRB shouid all cost the same SP and ordinance should cost respective of the explosive mass in TNT which it states in there stats. This would allow pilots in fighters performing top cover from bombers, CAS and helicopter to earn SP to rearm with bombs or even switch to a multi-roll aircraft if not all ready doing so.

Maybe helicopter bases and runways should have some destructible content that can hamper there use or a game mechanic tied in with capture points. Currently there is no defence against helicopter spamming ATGM from a far or from spawn constantly reloading, early fighters could be a counter to the heli spam.

Why should i not be able to spawn a lightley armed reconnaissance plane at start? that is how planes started to be used in war after man was lofted into the air by ballon or even kites. Not all aircraft carried bombs and guns.

I dont see many fighters used as a fighter roll in GRB and i see many matchies with out air support.

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Nah, because the TNT mass varies by bombs because of the explosive type, maybe by mass in KG, but still, no, unless bringing in specific shell types cost extra RP too, lol.

TNT equivalent is displayed in there stats

for example APHE i dont have an issue with that, even ATGM , TOW’s. To be honest planes are not affected by ammo types in tanks but there has been mentioned about how strong atgm’s are in tank v tank

Yeah, so not all 100kg bombs are the same, therefore not making it fair, because same size bombs may have different yields because of explosive types. But still, bombs aren’t a major issue. CAS is fine as is right now, there will not be a change made, because it’s balanced perfectly fine as is, because there’s a amazing price of machinery to take out CAS, called SPAAG’s, which cost 90SP to take out a 617SP plane

This is not a ant-cas or nerf CAS topic

Which cost 460-490SP max with just guns, so still not an issue, what nation doesn’t have a decent SPAA?

Dont you know where SPAA is missing? Its only useful if spawned before CAS if CAS spawns at all

Literally nowhere.

You got the idea of this topic wrong. And treating it like a nerf CAS post.
The game mode is ment to be combined arms, but planes cost more than tanks and you have to die to spawn 1

Why should i not be able to spawn a plane at start, ie a scout plane or light fighter

You would also need to change the cost depending on other factor for guided munitions. Range and guidiance type have a large impact too.

I would be okay with porting over the sim airfield models

Maybe but there will be more fighters less bombers and more to be worried about

the thing is we need bigger maps, further away airfields, longer battles, and easier time spawning on our preferred vehicles.

The game consists as of now of people rushing to their deaths in a death race trying to get enough sp to spawn in their preferred plane only to make two passes and inevitably get killed by an anti air withing 5 minutes.

and then where left with that broken battlefield completely one sided where the winning team circles the losing team spawn point and waits down another 2 mins for the round to end.

this sucks.

Several airfields on the map for each team and bombers can be used to push the enemies’ airforce logistics further from the battlefield?

I would like that, but I think, the short matchtimes might be a problem.

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The problem is that the ground force distribution is not realistic. You would always have some AA available with your forces to at least have a deterent against air attacks and aircraft would be less agressive because they could die, or at least loose the plane.

AA has the same issue like in every other game. Its a ground based game where you need a vehicle capable of dealing with ground. As soon as air arrives you see some AA poping up that deter the air, or destroy them, that then become less usefull fighting against ground vehicles because air is out for the day. The game isnt realy supporting standby AA tanks and learning AA weapons feels very complicated as tehre is little feedback to tell you why exactly you cant hit a plane. If this alone would be better you could see a shift happening.

If planes cost the same as tanks, more players will spawn planes first and thus more players will spawn SPAA, currently players wait to die to air before spawning spaa or they use there last 70sp. There is no guarantee that players in GRB even play CAS at all

This could open up new uses for planes that might get added in the future. Like the pipers they had in vietnam which had very light payloads.

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Yes, now your talking. I believe that is what the A10 idea started from

That is exactly my point, iam just looking at it from a different angle.

The game has no tanks only mode so we are stuck with planes and whatever havoc they bring in. Of course only a fraction of players spawns aircraft because its a ground mode after all.

The point iam making is that the AA doesnt realy work, at least at my BR. The way rewards are distributed doesnt support preemtive spawning of AA, which would fit the real world comparison, so AA is spawned in after the first planes appear and gets nearly useless once they vanish in terms of rewards. On top of that the feedback of the weapon in regards of missing targets is very bad so the learning courve becomes very hard. I have a couple of fully build up AAs and they all leveled with ground kills, because air kills are nearly impossible to get for me.

So my point is, yes something needs to happen with planes, but at the same time something needs to happen to make AA useable.

The way I see it is if they had it set up like they do with helicopters at the start of the game but with planes, it would give SPAA something to do cause there would be more aircraft spawning but at the same time the aircraft would not have insane payloads to curb stomp the enemy team.

Iam not at the BR range for Helicopters, so i dont know how it works there, but on 4.3 ive seen it a couple of times that single air simply wipes out half of the team with a big bomb and that realy kills the fun.