Is everything in balance now?

Now is everything in balance or is it still the same Russian bias?


Anti-fragmentation linings ruined top battles. Now it is almost impossible to kill Leopards with one hit, since they have a one-time defense. But in return they can prescribe you “one-tap”


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We have yet to uptier the 2S38, the fight must go on my Comrade


Would you like to talk about Swedish infantry fighting vehicles?)
Or that unkillable leopards are a nightmare for everyone? Or that the Swedes’ win rate will soon reach 80%?

I play all major nations. I don’t care about Soviet technology, but it infuriates me that the balance is completely broken and no one cares


id like to use the USSR mains response to when they were stomping

Just aim better
Skill issue
just shoot the weakspot

Now as an italian main myself i chill with the fact i still most of the time oneshot the leopards


It’s not my problem that the game “saves” the losers I was able to beat. I know where to shoot, I aim normally, but the thing is that there are no fragments or damage. Show me a point on the Leopard 7AV that would be guaranteed to kill it in one hit. I’m sure you won’t find

Once you have the top round unlocked your top tier tanks can one-shot enemy tanks if you hit the right spot. From a distance or when moving it is more difficult and you usually need more than one shot.

However, the pain in top tier is the starting round, even though it’s not HEAT-FS anymore, the DM33/JM33 or equvalent the other Tech Trees make TT a real pain.

the breach underneath if it doesnt oneshot the it cripples him
Middle of the LFP right under the composite bricks is another one
If behind the cross on the engine is another spot

Also the 2A7V has a couple of armor holes as ive .50 called it throuh the side from a 70 degreee angle from behind

This is bugs.

it is very broken place to shoot. The projectile hits the roof of the hull and either disappears or simply magically loses its ability to penetrate. 50/50. I shot there a lot and about 7 out of 10 shots disappeared because “War Thunder”

You mean this? (3BM60 500m)

Who let ChatGPT into the chat?


The Strf9040C? it’s good but the 2S38 is definately better

Not sure what you want me to say about leos besides that most countries should get spall liners, when that will happen is up to Gaijin
Tho that being said, i still can 1 shot both german and swedish leos in both the front and side so i’m not really sure what people are struggling with

Balance has been broken for a long time but the ones benefitting from it has changed
Remember that spall liner was normally only added for the T90M in USSR which already had a long streak of being called biased, especially with the 2S38 and Pantsir right now being considered stronger to other nations counterparts
The Strela got uptiered by 0.3BRs, that makes no difference in my eyes yet Strela lovers think it’s the end of the world and that it’s completely unreasonble

Sad truth


И тебе привет. И какую из наций я хочу поднять?) Я играю то на всех. Но ситуация с подбоями, которые являются одноразовой защитой от ваншорта меня до жути бесит. Мне было бы достаточно удаления нахрен подбоев из игры,а не"возвышение" какойто нации

Like how it saved entire Soviet top tier while none of those vehicles had Spall liners? Clearly the days when Russia was dominating the top tier was just skill issue on other nation mains.

Half true Spall liners are inconsistent sometimes it negates the Damage compeletly and sometimes it doesnt do shit, it needs proper rework.

Thats the whole point of Spall liners and increased armor in case you didnt noticed, unlike Russia Nato care about their soldiers thats why they produced such tanks with blowout panels,increased armor effectiveness and Spall liners hell even Russia realized how important crew survivability is and they decided to implement Spall liners on T90M.

Then you should be able to cripple or damage him easily but clearly you need to one shot every tank on your sight.

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Even on the gaming forum there are people like you. Can you throw propaganda in the trash and never talk about it again?

I don’t even know how to comment on this. Why does everyone ignore the fact that you shoot at a leopard and it doesn’t take damage because the lining “ate” all the fragments? And in response, in a split second, you get a one-shot, since your technique is without such “magical protection from ponies and rainbows”

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The BVM side plate has done the same for years without a spall liner but for some reason nothing was done about it, why is it only an issue if leopards does it?


Just like a UFP of Leo2’s

I wrote about the disgusting damage of shells, not here, but on the RU forum. For some reason, you think that I am fighting exclusively for the USSR to be the strongest, although I have already said that I play all the main nations of the game

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You still have un-pennable ERA. You dont need spall liners.

Who you are? Who are you?! I didn’t speak for the USSR at all or that they were “weak”

While i’ve had that happen, not nearly to the same extension as the BVM side which is much weaker

I’m not on the RU forums and even if i was, there’s no guarantee i would have seen it
I haven’t said you’re fighting exclusively for the USSR however right now you’re talking about the Leo’s spall liner