Is anyone else missing the squares which tell you what shell is loaded or how many at the bottom of screen during a match

Hey guys asking the forum if they can help I’ve been playing religiously for over a year now but the last 2 days and I don’t know what shell I have loaded or how many I have left is this happening to anyone else or have I messed up a setting it’s really annoying especially when I just had HE loaded trying to kill a Sherman and kept pressing 1 for my AP but apparently that didn’t work just reaching the end of my tether as I was in a good flanking position when this happened with 3 tanks in my cross hair and after tickling one 7 times with HE and abusing my no.1 key I eventually got tracked and killed I had a noobie team and could have turned the tide why do these things happen when it suits them like yesterday I took 6 shots and was out of ammo even though I always have a lucky 14 shells of AP and and 6 of HE

Thanks in advance but PLEASE HELP ME I’m gonna break something valuable 🤷‍♂️

press - on main keyboard.


It’s a new feature, that you can hide the “squares at the bottom of the screen”. There should be a little up-arrow button, you can click to show them again.

I believe that the default hotkey for hiding/showing them is "".
If you, like me, find it rather annoying when you accidentally hide them, you can remove the hotkey in controls.


Thankyou so much guys your answers have worked brilliant the key was right there it is just so small I couldn’t see it plus it’s set to my range finder so fun times re mapping still doesn’t explain how HE was loaded but brilliant I can push forward and continue the team effort and Again Thank you

the great community of War Thunder Helps again

I had the same problem a couple of days ago. Had the squad map ping bound on “-” and since it was the default bind for hiding the shell ui, this happened. Very awkward, good thing players in the in-game chat helped me.

FWIW, I have my Sight Distance reset control set to / which is the default for
hiding the squares. The actual command is under:



Collapse/expand action bar in battle.