Is anybody else's controls playing up ? (Advice required if possible)

Just a quick question, i have decided to go through the whole controls for planes, tanks helicopters and ships, saving a controls profile in a safe location, everything’s been fine ever since.

WT Live // Controls by Tubby_Vermin (

However i logged in today and test flew one of my helicopters after installing a sound mod from the war thunder live website, to look at each different sound on each weapons platform.

The sound mod hasn’t effected this in anyway as this issue was present before i installed the mod.

The problem is this, when I’m flying helicopters my WSAD keys work fine for pitch roll etc., when I’m in sight mode or the gunners position these keys do not work for some reason.

I’ve spent most of the morning reverting to the standard advanced mouse controls War Thunder provides (once reset the controls work fine) when i go back to my own controls this does not work.

I’m trying to find out what is causing this, so any help on this matter would be great

I would check your options to see if autopilot is active when in gunner/bomb sights. I want to say it is in options under air battle settings.

i will check and get back to you, thank you

So i went into the options and it showed that it was turned off, i toggled it on all 3 modes and nothing changed i put it back to off (no) really frustrating that its doing this, i can yaw with Q and E but i cannot pitch or roll, in the gunners seat or sight mode.

everything is fine when i’m in 3rd person or the pilot mode…

I’m not quite sure what’s up then. Wish I could have been more help.

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you at least eliminated 1 area, so thank you


I had Alt W S A D bind to missile guidance, works great with NORDS, but not with helicopter bind.