IS-7 Removed from market?

Has anyone notice that the IS-7 is not in the market anymore? Or is it just me?


-That guy, probably


Shouldn’t it stay there with no offers listed? I thought I saw the E-100 like that at some point.

Or does the market also check all players’ inventories for tradeable coupons and once there is nothing left, the entry is deleted?

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That’s what I thought as well… apparently it’s not the case now…

Spending 2K dollars for a virtual tank 😂


Items with no inventory appear to not show in ‘new’ market.
They do show up in old market.

Just one of many reasons new market sucks.

on the old one, just sort them by quantity from the smallest

The new version market is terrible shit. It’s good that you can use the older version, it is much more convenient

Better than spending 2k on a live sporting event…

My friend has one while i activated and never use in game. I wish i keep it

How much was the IS-7 anyway in Gajin market?

Last one was sold for 2k gjn and before that it’s price was around 1500+ gjn

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Sad that if you take it out of the box it is worth nothin ^^


It suprise me that people would pay 2k for virtual tank in game.

Either that guy used his mom’s credit card or he had a lot of money to throw away.

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Cough cough, Star Citizen, cough cough

Oh neat, thanks. I wanted to check for how much it sold right after the crafting event, to gauge how much the obj262 will be selling and how quickly the price rises.

Vehicles from this new type of event are going to be quite costly for sure.

Star citizen is not WT and if you want to pay 48k for “The Legatus Pack” limited for they “VIP” spenders then I can buy real car for that price.