IS-7 Removed from market?

Yes, they sell limited pack with 125 ships inclusieve skins and other items that you can’t buy in game shop but instead grinding it you can buy it for $48.000 Is like unlocking almost the entire nations in WT for one price without grinding at all. You get this offer special if you spend around 10k already in Star Citizen and not available for new players.

Man there are some really idiotic people out there. Spending 48k for virtual stuff is crazy.

dude, I can buy real car for 1k lol

I have spent $300 on star citizen… a lot more in WT lol. Star citizen is all about selling pixels at extreme pricing that come with a side of game that is repetitive. They spend millions on a set filled with alcohol , but cant seem to keep the npc’s off the furniture

Is-7 is back on market, just for a few bucks lol.

I’m sick of Event Vehicle’s rotting on the Market for a decade.

Gaijin needs to rerun them in some way.

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IS-7 is a shell of its former self at 8.3. It used to be an absolute monster at 7.7 and before the game was flooded with HEAT rounds.

I don’t remember it being 7.7 ever
It was 8.0 when it was out AFAIK?

And there were HEATFS and APFSDS already when it was out