IS-6 Changes

Why did the IS-6 get moved up so much, it was lowered from this BR previosly due to how poorly it performed against everything it had to fight, at this BR armour becomes irrelevant. Just please move it back Gaijin??? If youre gonna bully the IS-6 this much go after the T28 too.I paid money for the IS-6 when it was actually fun and decent, now i fight the black hole of 8.7…

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Because fighting an IS-6 in a Charioteer is so much fun and def gonna work


This can be fixed by lowering max uptier br to like 0.7 instead of 1.0

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That is exactly what I was thinking. The IS-6 is now at a BR where HEAT is everywhere, making the best part of the tank, its armor useless. Plus the non-stabilized gun and 20 second reload is going to make this thing a pain to play.

I feel like im entitled to a refund right now

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Same thing goes for IS-6 as well.
Fighting 8.7 stabilized tanks with darts will be so much fun in your heavy tank.


You missed the point, now it sucks enough you are supposed to get frustrated and buy a better premium.

Christmas is coming they need the money.

“its armor is now useless”
stares in every british tank having no armor for their br
or speed
or pen…

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Actually, Charioteer can punch through the turret cheek of IS-6 although it’s credit card size, while the fat Jumbo is in a much worse situation where it has like zero chance when engaged frontally, as far as I know, the gun is the same as the one on the FV4202. Yes, I would rather be in a Charioteer than in the Jumbo when I see an IS-6 looking at my direction lol.

I would too, but the point was, 6.3 has 0 chance at facing an IS-6, hell I even struggle in 7.3/7.7 occasionally

I sold the summer vehicles and I’m going to be buying the T-72-AV (TURMS-T) on the anniversary sale haha. But I’m just sad that gaijin ruined a really fun tank to play

Just shoot out its massive gun then troll the hell out of it, the IS-6 is reliant on having a competent team or it just gets overrun very quickly

I’m a absolute USSR main and have used IS-6 a lot for grinding and I still thinks this BR change is fine. Even when it was 7.3, the IS-6 was always picked than IS-3 in squadron battles because of its mobility and reload speed is far better than IS-3 even without the 230mm pen ammunition.

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8.7 is not a fun br to fight

Fun means either overpowered or pretty good at its BR. And IS-6 can still face 8.7 with its fire power and mobility.
We need to stop relying so much on the armor. Even though IS-6 is classified as a heavy tank, but it can still fight as good as a medium tank.

What’s so special about IS-6’s “firepower” ?
It’s gun is nothing to write home about even at 7.7, let alone 8.7 lol.

Sorry but no, it can’t.
Sub-par gun handling paired with trashy gun depression and godawful reload are pretty big drawbacks if you ask me.

Bottom line is, IS-6 brings absolutely nothing to the table even at 8.0 or 8.3, let alone in 8.7 games, where it will get absolutely brutalized by darts.

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Nothing special but 412D is good enough to pen every single 8.7 tanks.

Skill issue here apparently

Every thing at 8.7 get killed by darts so whats bad?

You will need to aim quite a bit when encountering plenty of vehicles, while on the other hand, you will be a point-click target in return.

I’ve listed many issues that will hamper vehicle’s possible playstyles, but you are here screeching about skill issues since it looks like you have nothing else (smart) to say.

It’s like I argue something like T-55M is fine fighting at top tier, since it can pen tanks and then say “skill issues” when someone rightfully points at multiple issues with my ridiculous claim.

Nothing mate, un-stabilized tank with 18s reload, no gun depression and a 6.7 shell is perfectly fine at 8.7.
IS-6 doesn’t bring anything to the table, it’s just deadweight at that point.