IS-3 should go to br 7.3

IS-3 should go to br 7.3.
The IS-3 is better armored and has better penetration than the IS-6, so it should also have a minimum br of 7.3. It is definitely impenetrable from the front for most vehicles it faces on the downtier.

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IS-3 is less armored than IS-6.

No. The IS-3 has much better frontal armor, especially the turret, which makes it very hard to destroy from the front. The side armor is comparable, 10mm worse, but still at an angle

Should stay where it is.


No. It has better armor and better penetration than IS-6.

Penetration is identical, same guns.
And angled plate on hull is still less on IS-3.
Turret’s not everything, especially with that gun depression.

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IS-3 actually does have a better round, however it’s armor is actually able to be penetrated.

The best round for that 122 is the B, which is on tanks down to KV-122.

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IS-3 has BR-471D which has 230mm of max penetration.

It’s mainly about the IS-3 turret, the IS-6 can be penetrated into it and the IS-3 is impenetrable from the front.
Penetration varies, IS-3 is 230mm and IS-6 is 205mm
The hull will still be pierced by HEAT shells or sabots of at least 105mm caliber, considering that the 84mm sabot is still weak at penetrating angled armor since the changes were introduced.

B > D until they find a better APCBC calculator.

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Those 60Β° angles hard for you or something lol

APHE also go big boom.

It really doesn’t mean much when it faces nothing but hoards of heat slinging light tanks.

Well, but following the logic that light tanks beat heavy tanks, Tigers 2 would have to go lower xDD
Just need more br, but these light tanks are also a form of balance, only that gaijin made them too op, low br, good penetration and speed, and often small size.
If they finally made the changes that small caliber shells do more then those light tanks should go up with br.

I never said any of the tanks needed to go down, they are fine where they are currently.

The reload is 2 hours long, and then when your loader is dead the reload becomes 4 hours long. And the APCBC is not better than the APHEBC, especially the angle performance.

Different AP calculator would have little or no impact on Soviet rounds.

Is6 technically has a little bit less armor but you get a faster reload, faster speed, and faster turret traverse. The is6’s mobility makes it a quasi-medium tank while the is3 is a true heavy in terms of mobility.

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The IS-3’s armour is more situational than the IS-6’s with weaker sides and less trolly slopes and shapes, which inturn, means that your amour is gonna save you from hits less. The reload on the IS-3 is also substanitally longer than that of the IS-6’s.