IS 3 Br needs to be 7.3/7.7 at least

IS 3 is too good for its br when it gets downtiered nothing can pen it. The Tiger 2 doesnt stand a chanse vs medium range IS 3.

  1. When 3 IS 3 spawn on the same time the other team aways loses.
  2. When a bad player is in a bushed IS 3 he can get 3 kills with no problem.

I would recomend 1 of those be implemented in the game.

  1. The IS 3’s get no 3D customization in downtiers.
  2. Limit the max number of IS 3 per team to 1.
  3. Dont spaln the IS 3 against 6.7.
  4. Increase repair cost.

Edit: I know you can shoot the barrel dut other than that cant do eniting to it if it has cover
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Nothing apart from HEATFS or sabot. Which Germany has access to (Bulldog, Jpz 4-5, Ru-251 if we include premiums). As does every other nation. Which completely trivializes it’s single advantage.

Or you can just shoot the giant muzzle break to make him completely vulnerable.

Or wait for him to fire and use the 30 second opening to push him.

Worst comes to worse, you can aim for the trapshot below the gun. Far from consistent, but I’ve been knocked out by it a reasonable number of times. Nothing quite like pushing one of the few tanks your armor work against only to die regardless.


Yeah it’s quite easy to disable it. The gun breech is also vulnerable when aiming at the mantlet from a side angle.

Sure it counters Tiger IIs playing at range but at close it’s quite vulnerable to any mobile vehicle.

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The IS-3 is very easy to destroy with a Tiger II, this is a skill issue on your end.


Thank for the info
Its very usefull.

Well, I wouldn’t call it easy. A Tiger II is very vulnerable from getting shot by a 122mm, the other way not so much.
However the Tiger II is much better at killing tanks, since it can use terrain the IS-3 can’t, due to gun depression issues, as well as having a much better RoF and turret traverse speed.

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But the T32 has many advantages over the IS-3.
Faster reload, good gun depression, good turret traverse rate, better mobilty.
Even APCR has its uses for taking out a Maus or Jadgtiger.


Thats why i said “similar” not equal. By the way, the IS-3 is too good for 7.0 most of his killers was moved up so there is not a single reason for leave another russian tank behind.

Yes but is less comon

The IS-3 is definitely undertiered currently but gaijin is not going to raise it without further decompression is my guess. It might go up to 7.3 again if the stats look good enough to gaijin…


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No. The Maus never ever was never in any position to move down in the first place.
Now that a lot of vehicle moved up, especially so.

Players also say the same to the SU-122. Having a lot of armor doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things when you’re vehicle is much more worse in taking out other vehicles.

A heavy armored vehicle works by surviving getting shot before it gets into a position to fire back while a less armored vehicle needs to rely on not getting shot in the first place.
Because that makes the heavy armored vehicle inherently better, they generally have worse firepower in some way.

Unless someone drives in front of your gun every 20s, you won’t be able to get kills and because the mobility isn’t great, getting into a position to shoot someone isn’t easy.

One time I got killed in my T-34-85 and IS-1 and my team was getting stomped, then I managed to kill 6 more vehicles using the SU-152 with a crappy 24s reload.

Now obviously this is not a testimony to the effectiveness of the SU-152 but it’s exactly the case of players driving in front of my gun.

The IS-3 is 7.0 because it can take a hit without getting killed but the gun at 7.0 isn’t as effective anymore. This in in contrast to the T-44-100 which can be taken out by far more guns but makes it up with having twice the RoF.

An IS-3 might take out one vehicle but gets disabled by another in the 20s reload time, while the T-44-100 can take out the second vehicle in the same scenario. In another the T-44-100 might die first.

There’s really nothing overpowered about the IS-3 at 7.0.


Why not? They have literally never even tried to move it down, ever.

What would be the big deal about moving it down to 7.3?

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The Maus is a shot magnet.
Even when you can penetrate the armor it will tank many hits.
Just having it gives a team a huge advantage because it will focus the fire on the Maus instead of other vehicles.

It also has two guns which allow it to disable vehicles or take them out with just their secondary cannon.

How can the Maus be 7.3 when the T32 is 7.3? Even the T32E1 is 7.7 and the Maus probably better both it and the IS-4M.

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You Maus is 1 shot to the barrel then to the track from being useless.

Slow and a slow turret traverse. No reason why not to try it.

No because it has a secondary 75mm. The Maus can still disable your own tank when you shoot his barrel. It also doesn’t have a giant muzzle break unlike a lot of other heavies.

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I can’t imagine why you would want this thing to go back up to 7.3/7.7. Power creep has completely ruined this tank, and it can die to 4.0s now slinging HEATFS in a single shot, or having APDS crammed down your chest. The turret already moves extremely slowly, the gun can barely deal with other heavy tanks, and it is not the most mobile piece of trash. It took me more effort mentally to play this piece of trash at it’s previous AND current BR than any other heavy tank entirely because of how bad it is now. The only way to play it and not die instantly is to become an ambush tank instead of a breakthrough tank, because of the armor not mattering at all now.


If you can’t disable the Maus’s gun then that’s a skill issue.

And a 75mm gun with early war heat isn’t really a benefit, especially when it’s tied to the same turret as the slow moving 128 gun.

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If you can’t make the Maus work at 7.7, it’s skill issue. No reason for it to move to 7.3.

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